Anal fissure- anyone tried diltiazem?

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Ansumpasty Tue 31-Dec-19 07:51:22

Anyone suffered with anal fissures?

Had fissures on and off since I was a child. Gotten worse in the past year or 2, and now have a flare up at least once a month. Sudocrem always heals it within a few days of constant use, but it’s always back within a few weeks. I actually think I have a few that come and go.

I tried the nitro cream but it gave me an instant, hideous headache. I now have diltiazem cream to try. I’m always very nervous of side effects etc- anyone used it and can reassure me?

I take CBD oil and have read that both can’t be taken together when diltiazem is taken orally. Nobody seems to know if I can use the cream and the CBD oil together? Also, did anyone patch test? I have such sensitive skin and worried about putting this up my bum and having a reaction blush


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