Any idea what this rash is?

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CheddarCheesy Mon 30-Dec-19 19:23:13

I've had this for a week or so now - it's all over my left calf with a bit above my left knee and there's a bit on the back of my right thigh. It doesn't itch but just looks horrible. I've been moisturising it but it's made no difference. I do get dry skin (normally on my hands and face) but have never suffered with eczema or anything like that. I haven't changed anything like washing powder or shower gel and my skin isn't usually sensitive to things like that anyway. Thoughts? Should I leave it or go and see the doctor?

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BusterGonad Mon 30-Dec-19 22:07:47

It looks a bit like the eczema that my son gets on his legs, admittedly I can't enlarge the photo on my phone so I could be wrong.

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