Chest problems

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Beatone Sun 29-Dec-19 22:33:24

I'm really concerned about my DM. She's early 60s, still works full time although is off at the moment.
She keeps becoming really breathless, she can hardly walk up the stairs without not being able to breathe, it's stopping her doing simple tasks like housework etc.
She has to sit down and can't speak and has to compose herself. This is abnormal, she does long shifts on her feet usually in a fairly stressful job.
She has only now told me the full extent but its been going on for a few months. It seems as though she is putting off going to the doctors but I've said I'm booking her a GP appointment tomorrow, really hope I get one. I think she has put it off due to my grandmother passing away in her 50s with lung cancer which worries me too.

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Purplewithred Sun 29-Dec-19 22:39:29

Does she look after her diet? Smoke? Stay active?

Beatone Sun 29-Dec-19 22:41:16

She's not severely overweight but slightly, doesn't eat fast food or takeaways etc. Ex smoker 16 years ago and isn't as active as she used to be but when in work she's especially active.

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Perid0t Mon 30-Dec-19 03:09:47

My friends mum is like this and she has COPD. Definitely good to get a lung function test.

digerd Mon 30-Dec-19 07:11:53

Yes, I agree with Peridot.
There are, however, similarities between heart and lung problems when breathing difficulties occur.
GP's often do Spirometer testing for COPD. ECG and echocardiogram are after referral to cardiology dept at local hopital.
Good luck

Perid0t Mon 30-Dec-19 07:32:00

That is a good point. My mums friend was diagnosed with COPD but nothing was helping. Turns out she was actually in heart failure. Misdiagnosed by GP.

Beatone Mon 30-Dec-19 08:20:52

Failed to get a doctors appointment. Got through 5 minutes after opening time after 34 call attempts. Will have to try again tomorrow. hmm

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lljkk Mon 30-Dec-19 08:27:42

Friend lost a huge amount of lung function (capacity) while still in her 40s. Nobody knows why. Not cancer, but not progressing either. My step mum had a partially collapsed lung but we'll never know why; that was nice coz it was so easy to fix (she just had to go out & exercise hard).

Just saying there is a huge variety of things it could be and might even have a simple solution.

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