Re-Usable sanitary towels

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grandmasterstitch Sat 28-Dec-19 22:19:31

I find WAHM pads to be the best. There's some Facebook groups with knowledgeable people in who can point you in the right direction. I use for lots of options

Monsterjam Sat 28-Dec-19 19:36:51

@Sam1875 thank you, I will do some googling now x

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Sam1875 Sat 28-Dec-19 19:35:26

I have sadly experienced excessive flow and bleeding for many years, with endo issues as well.
Yes re usable pads can be solution, but i highly recommend "pretty clever pants" from HSTV - designed by Carol Smillie ... and an essential for heavy periods ... they seriously work. They have wide gusset that will allow for a reusable pad or towels ... Good luck !

Monsterjam Sat 28-Dec-19 19:27:16

Any recommendations on re-useable towels? I have a super heavy flow so would need a thick pad...
many thanks

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