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DD fell off a rope swing on to her back today

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savethecheerleader Sun 26-Aug-07 17:11:45

She fell about three feet flat on to her back. She was able to hobble home and I have given her ibuprofen and calpol and she is now in the bath soaking. I realise it will be painful for her but does anyone know if there is anything to look out for. She really went down with a crash. Many thanks.

dinny Sun 26-Aug-07 17:13:38

oooh, I remember doing exactly the same and was really winded but OK after a rest and bath etc! Poor dd - but have no really useful advice, sorry. Hope she feels better soon!

savethecheerleader Sun 26-Aug-07 17:20:21

Thanks dinny. I think it shook her up as well. I'm thinking if she is walking around etc that it's just going to be bruised, nothing more serious.

DettaJnr Sun 26-Aug-07 22:49:44

I take my kids to an osteopath if they have such a fall. She really works wonders. She believes that such injuries manifest themselves when you are an adult if left untreated when you are a child and I am inlined to believe her. HTH

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