3rd lot of tonsillitis since November, so depressed

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BighouseLittlemouse Sat 28-Dec-19 11:57:15

Just writing for a moan really.

I was really unwell at the start of November - high temp, terrible conjunctivitis and then very swollen glands and tonsillitis. Had antibiotics and symptoms improved but still felt exhausted/not quite right. Then mid December had the very high temp, sore throat etc back again ( just minus the eyes). More antibiotics and again got better but never seemed to fully clear. Just feel so tried all the time, muscles hurting never fully well if that makes sense.

Woken thus morning and throat really sore and red again.

I don’t know I feel like crying as I haven’t felt well in so long. I’m a single parent, no family support, some slight support from ex. I honestly feel like I just can’t keep going with my life - work full time and one of my DC has SEN.

Think will go back to the doctors on Monday and maybe push for some blood tests. I just want to feel normal again sad

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Nogodsnomasters Sat 28-Dec-19 19:09:29

Hi op, can I ask how long your courses of antibiotics been each time? I'm asking because In March I caught scarlet fever (strep throat) from my son and was given 7 days antibiotics which cleared it up yet 2 weeks later it was back only worse and I ended up in hospital not being able to swallow my own saliva, fluids or tablets. The hospital doctor told me that strep throat should always be given a 10 day course of antibiotics, which is what I was given the 2nd time around, 24hrs of IV and 9 days course to take home. I was terrified it was going to come back as I have health anxiety and my ds has SEN and doesn't cope well without me but thankfully that knocked it on the head.

BighouseLittlemouse Sat 28-Dec-19 19:51:03

@Nogodsnomasters - thanks for replying. The first course was 7 days and the second ( different antibiotic ) only 5 ( I’m allergic to penicillin so wasn’t that).

That’s interesting. I’m going to go back to the doctors first thing on Monday and will definitely raise that ( unless I feel even worse in which case I guess I might have to try out of hours with the 2 kids sad).

I also have health anxiety and my SEN DS doesn’t cope wit me being ill/not here so always makes me more anxious which I think doesn’t help. I feel like I’ve been unwell for so long.

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Whitelisbon Sat 28-Dec-19 20:13:29

I've had tonsillitis repeatedly for the past year, having never suffered from it before, and have found that it needs at least 10 days antibiotics to clear it (no penicillin here either).
I'm now on the waiting list for a tonsillectomy.
You have my sympathies, its horrid flowers

BighouseLittlemouse Sat 28-Dec-19 20:58:20

Tha ks @Whitelisbon - I have never ever had it before either. It’s so strange.

I will definitely ask for a 10 day course then.

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Nogodsnomasters Sat 28-Dec-19 22:32:33

I was the same, hadn't had tonsillitis since I was a teenager, so I was really surprised how much it knocks you for six, it's not just a sore throat at all. My antibiotics were penicillin based so I'm not sure what other 10 day courses there are but bound to be options!

I completely understand how having a SEN child depend on you adds to the anxiety as you are so worried about them coping on top of everything else, try to go easy on yourself, plenty of rest and for the kids TV /ipads etc to get them through until you're better.

Nogodsnomasters Sun 29-Dec-19 16:47:18

How you doing today op? I've been thinking about you.

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