Processed ham/food poisoning does anyone know?

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Nogodsnomasters Sat 28-Dec-19 09:15:21

Hi, would anyone know if you ate out of date processed cooked ham how long would food poisoning take to kick in? I made a sandwich yesterday with dennys processed ham and ate it around 1pm. This morning I've went to make another one for my husbands lunch and realised there is two opened packets in my fridge, one with a date of 24th Dec and one with a date of 31st Dec! I have no idea which one I used yesterday on 27th and am now massively paranoid I've eaten 3 days out of date ham.

I have emetophobia so massively worried about causing food poisoning. Would anyone know if I have eaten the wrong one when would symptoms start typically? Is it 24hrs or could it be longer?

Thanks for any help/info in advance.

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dementedpixie Sat 28-Dec-19 09:17:57

If it didnt smell or taste bad then it was probably fine even if the date on the packet had passed

Jackrussellsarecute Sat 28-Dec-19 09:18:13

If it's been in the fridge I think you will be absolutely fine

Nogodsnomasters Sat 28-Dec-19 09:26:56

Yes it was in the fridge the whole time and I don't think it tasted bad, but now I'm doubting myself because of my phobia.

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Takenbybread Sat 28-Dec-19 14:53:04

I could be wrong but from what I know the effects of food poisoning are fairly quick as your body rejects it and makes you sick, so if you're feeling fine today I wouldn't worry too much x

Nogodsnomasters Sat 28-Dec-19 16:36:57

Thank you for the reassurance. It's been over 24hrs now so I'm hoping I'm safe and I've used the right one.

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NanTheWiser Sat 28-Dec-19 21:20:26

Processed meats contain preservatives in the form of nitrate, so I doubt that your ham would be a risk a few days over "best before" date!


WhoisitnowRalph Sat 28-Dec-19 21:27:30

I am severely phobic too OP (medicated for 20+ years) - it'll be fine, don't give it another thought. flowers

Mrsjayy Sat 28-Dec-19 21:31:00

Off ham tastes rank and if it didn't agree with you it would be back up by now I am sure you will be ok.

Aquilla Sat 28-Dec-19 21:33:57

It'll be totally fine.

Lougle Sat 28-Dec-19 21:36:25

Please don't worry, you'd know if you'd eaten off ham.

Fishcakey Sat 28-Dec-19 21:43:40

Another Medicated emetophobe. I would massively panic. I ruined Xmas day for myself as my supper time turkey sandwich had a red bit in it. My sensible side says you will be totally fine. It happens much quicker than 24 hours. Don't worry.

SageRosemary Sat 28-Dec-19 21:53:43

You will be fine. Please don't worry about this. Even BB dates have a safety net and ham has a long shelf life anyway.

Flossie44 Sat 28-Dec-19 22:08:05

Op I’m sending you a huge hug. I have emetaphobia too and this is exactly how I live my life. Worrying about food so so much!!
I’m sure you will be fine as time has passed. Also I think ham looks and smells odd if off.


MacavityTheDentistsCat Sat 28-Dec-19 22:12:53

I think you will be OK, NoGodsNoMasters I once gave my (then two-year-old) daughter ham that was out of date. She started being sick within two to three hours.

Nogodsnomasters Sat 28-Dec-19 22:14:37

Thanks everyone for the advice and reassurance, I really appreciate it. What a waste of life eh getting so worked up over something minor for most people, actually makes me feel so pathetic.

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FelicityBeedle Sat 28-Dec-19 22:17:48

I once ate ham with legit fly eggs by accident (thoight they were breadcrumbs) absolutely fine

Nogodsnomasters Sat 28-Dec-19 22:18:51

macavitythedentistscat how out of date was the ham you used do you know?

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Nogodsnomasters Sat 28-Dec-19 22:21:46

felicitybeedle Lord have mercy on my soul. I would have had a nervous breakdown upon realising that error!

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MacavityTheDentistsCat Sat 28-Dec-19 22:25:11

It's so long ago that I'm really not sure but about 8-10 days blush. I was distracted on the 'phone and gave it to her without even looking at it. She ate it and then said, ''Yukky mummy' shock.

GaaaaarlicBread Sat 28-Dec-19 22:28:51

I ate ham that was about 7 days out of date once as I chucked the wrong packet away thinking it was the one that had been open too long ! So not only was it out of date but it had already been ironed god knows how long !
I didn’t even have an upset stomach so you’ll be ok. I worry about food poisoning too- I don’t have a sick phobia but don’t like the idea of germs 🦠 food poisoning kicks in pretty quickly - my husband ate a dodgy curry once and the symptoms kicked in within about half an hour x

WorldsOnFire Sat 28-Dec-19 22:34:22

I have a friend who ate cooked ham 6 weeks after use by date. It had been sat in fridge unopened and she said ‘I thought it said X July but it actually said X June’ both her and her DH were fine.

I’d freak out too, I get so paranoid I stick labels on anything open in my fridge to remind myself when they were opened. If DH opens something and doesn’t label it I can’t use it... I just can’t!
He’ll say things like ‘oh yeah I opened that yoghurt a few day’s ago it’ll be fine’ and I’m like ‘I don’t fancy yoghurt actually’

But inside I’m like 😡 WHAT?? It says quite clearly on the tub to only keep open for 2 days....are you trying to kill me? Do you want me to get sick? 🙈 is it really that hard to stick a sodding label on?? 😂🙈

I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant, which has made my issues worse 😂🙈

IfOnlyOurEyesSawSouls Sat 28-Dec-19 22:38:24

Im amazed at how many people have emetophobia on a thread 22 posts long.

Nogodsnomasters Sat 28-Dec-19 22:38:31

worldsonfire I'm glad I'm not the only one who worrys so much about this type of stuff. I know what you mean!

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Nogodsnomasters Sat 28-Dec-19 22:40:28

ifonlyoureyessawsouls I've heard it's a very common phobia in women. I work with a lady who also suffers from it and I went to school with a girl who had it too. My mum also had it.

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