Am i right in thinking viruses are on the increase?

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BooseysMom Fri 27-Dec-19 21:31:55

We're all currently ill with the fourth or even fifth virus this winter. I write a diary and last year we had the usual two or three, inc. one that lasts weeks with constant coughing. This year it has doubled. I've had a fever flu type virus which i had to take time off work for, then a couple weeks later a sore throat and cold, then another couple weeks and i get a cold and cough that makes me nearly vomit every time i cough, and so on and so on. Another break and here we go again. I have a cold and cough and one streaming eye! It's endless. We have a 6yo and i've been told it will be like this until he's 9 or 10. Does anyone know if there's any truth in this? Could it be the mild winters causing these viruses to go crazy? I'm so tired and look 10 years older every day. I miss out on so much too like my work xmas party i spent a fortune on and couldnt go to. Next year i'll say no i can't go, as i know i'll lose all my money when i get ill. It's just so bloody depressing and tedious!

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ItsAHardKn0ckLife1 Fri 27-Dec-19 21:38:25

Sorry no advice/help but we’re in the same boat. One thing after another! We’ve barely had a week since September where there’s been no illness.

hurrythefuckupgeorge Fri 27-Dec-19 21:41:07

I feel your pain op! We had a few years like this including last year when I was pregnant and constantly sick. It was horrendous. This year hasn't been so bad and the only change I have made is exercising more so I am guessing that has helped give my immune system a boost.

BooseysMom Fri 27-Dec-19 21:48:43

Omg yes @hurrythefuckupgeorge, you have hit the nail on the head! I have virtually given up exercise as i never seem to get time and when i do i feel too ill or tired. But yes i remember suffering less when i exercised regularly. New year's resolution here i come! grin

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itsbetterthanabox Fri 27-Dec-19 21:49:43

It's because you've got a school child there.

happytoday73 Fri 27-Dec-19 21:51:09

Really need a good cold snap for 5 days or so to stop all these bugs in their tracks

BooseysMom Fri 27-Dec-19 21:54:52

It's because you've got a school child there

Yes very likely. DH got pleurisy a couple of years ago and we heard pneumonia was at the pre-school DS went to. He never got it himself but could have been the carrier of it. DH was seriously ill. But do you think DS being of school age is the main reason and not because viruses are on the increase generally?

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hurrythefuckupgeorge Fri 27-Dec-19 22:11:09

I think kids in nursery and school definitely mean more bugs. It felt like dd was ill for the while winter for a few years, thankfully she also seems to have missed most of it this year too but she has had numerous chest infections, glue ear, inflamed adenomas and even pneumonia after various cold and viruses. Honestly it is exhausting!

Good luck with the exercise, I hadn't exercised in years but am enjoying it.

lljkk Fri 27-Dec-19 22:26:35

If they R in the increase, what do you hope to do with that information?
Norovirus quite likes cold weather, so be careful what you wish for.

BlackWhitePurple Fri 27-Dec-19 22:43:11

This year definitely seems to have been the worst in a while for colds with weird complications - either they last forever, or they cause chest infections, or lead to bronchitis, pneumonia etc.

I remember years ago reading that there are lots of viruses frozen in the ice caps, and as those melt, we'll see more and more of them being released... so maybe we're all doomed. Merry Christmas.

HypatiaCade Fri 27-Dec-19 22:51:05

I think it's cyclic. When you get a virus, you're immune to it and its's close variations. After awhile it changes too much for your body to be immune, but a year of being exposed to loads will hopefully boost your immunity for the next few years.

Rather than a lack of cold winters, I think it's a lack of hot summer tbh that makes it worse. A hot summer is the ideal time to air your house, hang out things like blankets etc to get sterilised by the sun, and it does wonders in boosting your own body health and immunity.

LemonPrism Fri 27-Dec-19 23:04:04

I had a cold for two days this year and that's it tbh. But, I have noticed that everyone seems to have had something bad over Xmas other than me and DP - were a bit manic about hand washing/sanitiser/tissues/ don't touch food from ill people if we can do so without being impolite

itsbetterthanabox Fri 27-Dec-19 23:40:04

Yes definitely. Most people without kids get max 2/3 colds/viruses a year.

itsbetterthanabox Fri 27-Dec-19 23:40:54

A cold snap would be worse as the rhinovirus lives for longer in colder air. That's why we get them more in winter.

TheVanguardSix Fri 27-Dec-19 23:53:30

Our eldest is 17, youngest is 5 and the last two Christmases are the first ones in years that have been healthy and happy! It’s been years of vomit in beds, hurling into toilets, coughing up lungs, and the rest. I think three things have helped:
I cycle/walk everywhere with the kids. We rarely use public transport (which we were always stuck on beforehand).
We wash hands before and after school, the minute they come home.
I use sterizar. It’s the only product I know of that kills Norovirus. I am not one to disinfect, but from October to February, I bleach and hot water the surfaces and anything else that can take it every 3 weeks or month. In between, I sterizar the surfaces, mist the kids’ coats and backpacks/bottoms of shoes every couple of weeks with sterizar. I wash their school bottles in boiling hot water every single day. We’ve been flu free two winters in a row. I really think the main thing has been avoiding buses/trains and getting healthier from cycling plus kids getting older.
We’ve been the stomach flu 4 x a tear family for so long. I even had it on my wedding day. tcrconfused

ErrolTheDragon Fri 27-Dec-19 23:57:22

* But do you think DS being of school age is the main reason and not because viruses are on the increase generally?*

The former - my DD is 20 now, from our POV viruses seem to be in decline!

CtrlU Sat 28-Dec-19 00:06:38

I’ve been saying this. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this ! This year has been the worst I’ve known with viruses. Everyone I know has been affected and even some hospitalised.

SomeHalfHumanCreatureThing Sat 28-Dec-19 00:14:53

I've got school age kuds, but for about 8 years now. Haven't been properly ill for years * crosses fingers*

Expressedways Sat 28-Dec-19 00:23:48

It’s not the weather. We have really hot summers (high this year was about 40 degrees) and artic winters (last year we suffered through -50) and it was still relentless. It’s definitely linked to small children in childcare/school as I’m guessing they have less developed immune systems and probably more importantly questionable hygiene.

HouseSchmurchase Sat 28-Dec-19 00:40:57

Yes definitely...and it seems to "coincide" with the administration of flumist in schools. I asked for numbers of absences in my child's class pre and post flumist and the numbers spoke for themselves.

Flurgle Sat 28-Dec-19 00:51:27

I’m intrigued that the school gave you that information hmm
The flu vaccine doesn’t make you or your children ill.
This year does seem to have been bad for viruses with extra oomph - never ending cough seems very common. Some really nasty ones around.

HouseSchmurchase Sat 28-Dec-19 08:40:31


I’m intri2gued that the school gave you that information hmm

What have they got to hide? They gave me the absentee figures from the 6 weeks prior and 6 week post flumist. Average number of days off per absentee prior to flumist was 1, and post was 4.

The flu vaccine doesn’t make you or your children ill.

The children who were vaccinated had the first wave of illnesses including strep A, bacterial tonsillitis and scarlet fever, as well as d&v, and hand, foot&mouth disease...all starting the week after flumist. I've never heard of so many different illnesses in one class all at the same time. I think the flumist lowers their defences so they pick up anything and everything they come into contact with. Strep A, however, is a known "side effect" which is the precursor to scarlet fever....
The second wave was this never ending cough that is still ongoing. My daughter has been coughing since the second week after flumist. It's been two months. She still has a horrible mucousy cough.

This year does seem to have been bad for viruses with extra oomph - never ending cough seems very common. Some really nasty ones around.

We saw exactly the same pattern of illnesses (though not HFM) the week after flumist last year despite it being given in a different month. Yes, I know you will say it's coincidence and that it's "the season" etc....but my goodness, it's one hell of a coincidence if it isn't related to flumist. We'll be watching what happens next year. Three years in a row will be a hat trick!

happycamper11 Sat 28-Dec-19 08:41:36

Seems to be! DC and I are rarely ill, maybe once a year and this year it's been relentless. I'm barely well a week before it seems to come back.

happycamper11 Sat 28-Dec-19 08:43:00

Oh and DC are 10 and nearly 7 and this is the only time it's EVER been like this so can't blame them

sandybanana Sat 28-Dec-19 08:46:54

Yes they are more prevalent.
Population growth as well as questionable hygiene.

When out in public, I've seen some pretty gross things recently. A woman openly sneezed twice over uncovered cakes in my local garden centre- she thought it was hilarious. Her grown up daughter was mortified.
I also saw a woman in Tesco sneeze last week, she then proceeded to wipe the snot away with the back of her hand and smear it against the trolley handle that she was pushing.
It was absolutely disgusting.🤢🤢🤢

Some people seriously lack in hygiene; as well as common sense and integrity.

Sick vomiting kids being taken into school etc so incubation periods not being adhered to at all. Usual chestnuts used as excuses " x is fine now" " it was what x are"
Etc etc

Just a total lack of regard for anyone other than themselves.

I am absolutely as strict as can be with hand hygiene-myself , as is DH and the two children . We all regularly wash our hands with soap and water. Especially after touching supermarket trolleys, after being outside, before eating / preparing food, returning from school etc

I generally think sloppy hygiene has a huge role to play .

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