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Baby thermometer - recommended type/brand??

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oysterpots Sun 26-Aug-07 11:12:05

My ds is a month old and I think I should probably buy a thermometer in case he gets ill. There seem to be a few different types on the market... any opinions as to which is better: forehead? ear??

Bewilderbeast Sun 26-Aug-07 17:26:14

We have tried every kind I think (prem baby very worried aboout temp when we got him home and lived in freezing flat) In ear are hopeless until they are older (we've only just started using it again at 10 months), their ears are too small so you can't get a good reading. Even the doctors one which was a lot smaller than the home ones was too big for ds. Forehead thermometers are inaccurate and its difficult to keep baby still enough long enough to use it. Under arm ones are the best at that age imho. We got ours from mothercare it was about £7.

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