B12 and symptoms

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Worriedbell10 Fri 27-Dec-19 10:09:37

I had my active b12 and folate tested privately.
They were both within normal range, however at the lower end of normal. I'm just wondering if I could still have symptoms despite this?
Currently I get bad pins and needles overnight. These are mostly in my hands and seem very positional, as in they improve when I stretch out. I also get agitated/numb/burning feelings in my feet. It's preventing me from getting a decent night's sleep. It's been going on for sime time now and I'm tired with it, but I think it's because I'm disturbed every night.
I had a baby 15 months ago so didn't know if it would be related to this?

Any advice appreciated 🙂

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Worriedbell10 Fri 27-Dec-19 10:10:25

I should add my elbows and shoulders are painful too, on and off

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forkfun Fri 27-Dec-19 14:16:34

If you get yourself supplements and take them regularly, any symptoms should clear up within weeks. If you still have symptoms, it's something else.

Dontdisturbmenow Fri 27-Dec-19 16:32:41

The standard NHS test is not the best test to identify all B12 deficiencies, for this, you would need to do an active test.

My results from the NHS test showed a result within the norm, albeit in the low margin. GP said my symptoms were not due to this. In the end, I decided to inject myself after I had reassured myself I couldn't do any damage doing so.

It took a massive upload dose (one injection every other day for weeks) until I finally started to feel normal. I then reduced it to an injection every other week, than every month, and for the past 18 months, I can go about 6 weeks.

I now know when I am due another dose without thinking about it. I start to get breathless without excersion, I feel a specific type of fatigue, my eyes start to flicker and I start to get pins and needles.

It's gone a few days after the injection. My GP still doesn't believe it but I don't care, I'm happy to inject and feel better as a result, regardless of what the NHS rest shows.

LeGrandBleu Sat 28-Dec-19 09:15:13

It is quite normal to get carpal tunnel syndrome after a pregnancy and all the bending of the wrists from carrying a baby/toddler makes it worst.

One deficiency which shares many symptoms with B12 is omega 3. It is very rarely tested and has to be done privately. I had to go to gp for referral and then a lab but now do it from home in 2 min.
I have now switched to a US lab and I just use a small needle on the side of my finger to have a drop of blood I put on a piece of paper.
When I started testing it, I was at 3.8 (at 3.5 the neurological symptoms are so severe you get cognitive deficiency) , now 6 months after I have reached 8. The ideal number is around 12.

I use this lab omegaquant.com , it costs AUD$ 59, so for pounds it should be half of that.

It might be worth checking the omega 3

littleblackdress26 Sat 28-Dec-19 09:48:08

My results were normal but in the low range I decided to do my own research and found that despite the results being normal they were too low for me to feel OK if that makes sense. So I went to Holland and barret and got the liquid form of b12 as it works quicker and avoids the digestive system, I brought 4000 to start with because i was low, there are higher dosages but apparently your body takes what it needs and you will just pee it out anyway. I then bought hair skin and nails tablets which contains folic acid and other things I felt I must be low on. I found out b12 and folic acid need each other to work I wasn't told this and was just prescribed the folic acid but apparently if you're low on one you're probably low on the other.
Do your own research and see what works for you smile

Dontdisturbmenow Sat 28-Dec-19 12:12:37

Just noticed that you had an active test rather than the one that test the level in your blood so this should indeed indicate how you absorb it.

You can try the liquid form, but my understanding is that if the issue is with absorption, only injections will really help.


NeurotrashWarrior Sat 28-Dec-19 18:38:30

Did you get a thyroid test?

Worriedbell10 Sat 28-Dec-19 22:22:31

NeurotrashWarrior yes I did. All came back ok. I have a thyroid cyst so this was why I got this checked again

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Itsmeeloise Sun 29-Dec-19 00:48:33

You can definitely be symptomatic within low normal range. Don't buy or accept oral b12 supplements. Unless you are vegan, low levels will be as a result of inability to absorb B12 from food and therefore you will need injections. Oral supplements will raise the levels in your blood without improving your symptoms. Doctors can be really uninformed so you may need to fight for optimal treatment. Take a look at the pernicious anemia society website for information and advice.

NeurotrashWarrior Sun 29-Dec-19 06:32:55

The pernicious anaemia group on Health unlocked are extremely knowledgeable. I'd post yours there.

I had a baby 18 months ago; around 11 months I started getting a lot of the issues you describe. Gp tonight it might be too much thyroxine but after 6 months of hypothyroidism it's definitely not. B12 was excellent. I've put it down to hormones and circulation as I'm early 40s and bf. It's worse when I'm ill too. I found a half hour jog once a week really helpful and I've been trying to balance hormones naturally. It's helped but as I say still happens when I'm poorly. Alternating warm and cold in the shower too. But I think I have mild Raynauds and it's more my feet.

As a pp said, carpel tunnel can be a post partum thing too due to posture and hormone changes.

Speak to the Gp about peripheral neuropathy as there can be other causes; I was told that in a high percentage of cases they never really get to the bottom of it and it's about managing symptoms.

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