Sore throat or strep throat?

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Jen306 Thu 26-Dec-19 09:44:40

Trying to decide if I just have a sore throat or if it’s more serious strep.
Had a cold last week which I thought I’d about recovered from then last night was really thirsty and had a dry throat. Woke up in the middle of the night pain when swallowing and swollen glands. How do I know if I should just ride it out and let it out as it might be another cold or do I need to see a dr for strep?

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ViveLEntenteCordiale Fri 27-Dec-19 00:34:37

Clues it could be strep throat: sudden onset, very red throat, swollen glands, fever.

I had it in early December... felt so ill I wondered if I had proper flu and was considering not going to my GP appointment previously booked for a chronic condition blush My doctor did a swab test with immediate results (not sure if they do this in U.K.).

Antibiotics sorted the worst symptoms pretty quickly.

Hope you feel better soon.

beanaseireann Fri 27-Dec-19 16:05:52

If it feels like you are swallovkng knives in your throat every time you swallow and there are white pustules in the back of hkur throat it's strep.
Strep throat can lead to serious consequences so if you think it's strep go to your doctor for antibiotics.

beanaseireann Wed 01-Jan-20 10:06:47

Did you get sorted ?

dudsville Wed 01-Jan-20 10:12:53

Strep to me, swallowing felt like my throat head the flexibility of a car tire. Also, I could see the white plaques at the back of my throat. I didn't know they were there until I went to gp though. Nurse diagnosed and showed me.

nutellalove Wed 01-Jan-20 10:22:40

It doesn't sound like strep. I've had that two times, most ill I've ever felt. I thjnk u
You'd definitely know if it were strep.

Like pp said - sudden onset, swallowing knives, too painful to swallow even saliva and a high temperature.

Get well soon thanks

Jen306 Sat 04-Jan-20 17:46:20

Apologies for not replying!

I was concerned it was strep as seemed to come on over night with little warning and was really just so painful swallowing but within 24/36 hours developed other cold like symptoms was a really bad cold though.
By the sounds of it it’s going round and was definitely worst cold I’ve had in years!
On the mend now.

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