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Perid0t Wed 25-Dec-19 10:41:10

For the last 3 days I’ve had dizziness, feeling ‘spaced out’, really tired, nauseous (but hungry) and had a headache that painkillers doesn’t do much for. I feel a bit foggy. The headache feels like burning at the front of
My head.

Is this a virus that’s going round?

I also have hypercalcaemia (being investigated) and health anxiety so I am worrying it’s my calcium acting up, think I’d be happier knowing it’s just a short lived virus!

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Moodgie Wed 25-Dec-19 11:57:27

I have felt similar for over a week now. No headache though, but muscle aches. Legs, arms, back.

Oldmum55 Wed 25-Dec-19 17:50:31

I've had those stupid 24/48h viruses no appetite feeling sickly and unwell obviously stomach related. All I want to do is put my feet up with a hot water bottle then by the morning I'm perfectly OK!

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