Caring for DM who is due a critical op and now DD may have D&V!

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TopOftheNaughtyList Mon 23-Dec-19 20:25:30

My DM is scheduled to have a critical op on Friday to return blood circulation to her leg and foot. Due to the condition and pain in her foot DM is housebound and just about gets about indoors with crutches. If the op doesn't go ahead she could end up losing her foot.

I'm looking after DM as best I can in the interim. She is widowed and my only sibling lives a couple of hours away. There's no one else to look after her. I have to go round every day to check on her and administer an injection. I'm due to pick her up Wednesday so she can come to us for Christmas lunch.

Last night my DD went out clubbing with friends. This morning she was vomiting and I scolded her for having a hangover when she was supposed to work today. However, as the day has gone on it's becoming more apparent this isn't a hangover, she has some kind of bug as she retches after even a drink of water. Her bf was sent home from work today too as he has diarrhoea. I'm now terrified of catching this bug or transferring it to DMs house. I can not afford to be ill and DM definitely cannot afford to catch it.

Absolutely beside myself with worry. It's been a crap year with so many horrible things happening in our close family and I can't believe that with just days left of 2019 were still having things go tits up. I'm trying to be scrupulous with hand washing to prevent cross infection and will feel wretched if I have to tell DM she can't come for lunch as she's so looking forward to it. That's it really. Just needed to vent out of frustration.

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keepingbees Mon 23-Dec-19 21:04:32

Firstly I feel for you, sounds like you're having a rubbish time thanks
Does your sibling have any plans that your DM could be involved with if need be?
I wouldn't risk her getting D&V and missing her operation. I know it's hard to tell where somethings come from but could it be something your DD and her boyfriend ate rather than a bug? Or dodgy drinks from the night before?

TopOftheNaughtyList Mon 23-Dec-19 21:19:03

DD and her bf met with bf's DS and nephew on Friday and baby had explosive diarrhoea and projectile vomited so almost certainly originated there. Bit annoyed that bf's DS didn't warn them to stay away angry.

My DB and his wife might be able to visit DM on Christmas Day as they are staying with his MIL that day and she's only 40 mins away so that might be an option. He wouldn't be able to give her the injection though as he's terrified of needles.

The fear is so bad. I'm sitting here as right as rain but imagining that every little ache or anything must be the start of being ill. Just paranoid now.

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keepingbees Mon 23-Dec-19 21:30:46

I would feel the same, even if I didn't have a poorly mum to worry about.
Could you speak to the GP or whoever prescribed the injections and see if a community nurse or someone would be able to pop round and give her the injection if need be.
It's really awful timing for you. Very annoying that someone knowingly exposed them to bugs too.

Nogodsnomasters Tue 24-Dec-19 09:17:40

You're not showing any symptoms so you're not contagious, so I'd wear a pair of gloves (in case you've touched anything at home that's infected) to go give your mum her injection and don't take them off the whole time you're in her house. But I wouldn't risk her coming over for lunch tomorrow to be honest.

Halleli Tue 24-Dec-19 10:42:01

Could you go to your mum’s house on Christmas Day, and cook and eat the lunch there?

If your daughter is vomiting, she surely won’t want any - and you could bring home leftovers for her if she does.

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