Pain after Apicoectomy & root canal

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sunshinesandwaves Mon 23-Dec-19 18:37:45

Hi there
I'm hoping someone can help.
Following a really painful few months with pain in one of my front canines and not getting answers from my NHS Dentist as to why, I self referred to a private Endodontist who recommended root canal.

Had this done (paid around £780 all in) and within a couple of weeks was back at the surgery for more treatment as the pain in my gum and up by my nose was so severe.

He recommended an Apicoectomy which I had done 2 weeks ago. This cost £650.

Had the stitches removed last week and although the tooth in question felt a little "numb" still he said it was normal to have some tenderness and arranged a review for 6 months time.

However in the last couple of days I'm noticing my teeth along the whole side are having intermittent pain, both in the gums and the teeth. It goes from a dull ache to occasional sharp pain. My teeth are otherwise in good condition, he believed that the tooth has died as a result of braces I had as a teen.

I called the practice today and the receptionist could only say that it could be the tissue healing in my gums, or otherwise I should book an appointment to return.

I really don't have any more money to keep going back and I wonder if there's anyone with any experience who could suggest anything or advise if some pain after these procedures can be normal weeks later?

Thanks in advance

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sunshinesandwaves Tue 24-Dec-19 03:41:37

Anybody? Xx

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WhoWants2Know Tue 24-Dec-19 04:07:00

I had to look up what the apicoectomy was, but everything I've read says that it's normal to experience pain and tenderness in the area for quite a while afterwards.

BlueCornsihPixie Tue 24-Dec-19 11:55:56

An apicectomy is quite a big procedure really, and it's perfectly normal to be in pain afterwards for quite some time, 2 weeks isn't long enough for it to heal.

Why did you self refer to an endodontist?

The thing that concerns me a little is that your NHS dentist couldn't identify the source of pain. I see no reason why they wouldn't be able to identify a canine that needed root treatment.

I'm wondering if you grind your teeth and that is the source of your pain? It sounds quite classic of TMJ symptoms. But I would have thought a specialist endodontist would have been able to rule this out.

sunshinesandwaves Tue 24-Dec-19 14:02:06

I went to see two different NHS dentists no less than about 7 times in 10 months. The pain started when I was pregnant, sadly ending in stillbirth which meant in the aftermath I had some anxiety and did grind my teeth at night. I was given a mouth guard to wear at night which helped. I self referred because the pain was just getting worse and the xrays the dentists were doing weren’t giving conclusive answers so it was recommended to go to the endodontist.

He x-rayed and couldn’t see much but concluded root canal would be advisable. He didn’t think teeth grinding was the issue as the canine point was still sharp (if that makes sense)

Thanks for assuring me the pain at this stage is still relatively normal xx

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monday1983 Tue 24-Dec-19 14:08:37

U had this done on my 2 front teeth on the 3rd of November and was swollen for about a week after, not really in pain but discomfort , taking painkillers only for 2 days after , stitches out after 2 weeks.

monday1983 Tue 24-Dec-19 14:09:15

I had this done i meant


Amani Mon 14-Dec-20 12:22:51

I did start a thread on this but no response shock so piggy back on this one. Anyone else care to share there experience on this? Had mine done about 12 days ago and the gum still feels tender - not painful just tender. Is this right as everywhere I read, it states by the end of 2 weeks I will feel fine? The gum/side of face hurts more when I open my mouth wide/yawn confused. Any ideas on when can I start to feel completely better?

sarmum14 Sun 27-Dec-20 16:23:12

Hi @Amani! How are you getting on? I had mine done 10 days ago and am wondering the same thing! Also my front teeth have misaligned since I had it done and I feel like I’m going mad - my bite isn’t mine. Feels like my teeth aren’t in the right mouth? Think it might be because I had the surgery on the right and have been chewing on the left side of my mouth for months now. Not sure. Also my son headbutted me accidentally a few days ago - so worried that has done more damage. It’s been a miserable few weeks here. Teeth are everything.

Amani Sun 27-Dec-20 17:22:39

Hi @sarmum14
It's been 3 and a half weeks since surgery and definitely feel better. I can bite on the affected tooth but not in a position yet to do this with steak, crusty baguette or chewy/very hard food. It does feel tender if I do a wide mouth yawn or a very wide grin grin or as I found out by eating a very chewy sweet (fruit pastilles). The consultant did say it will take time to heal and I have a follow up appointment 6 months after surgery to check on how things are. I would say that around 3 weeks after surgery things felt better, not the two week mark which I kept reading about online.
I hope you feel better soon x

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