Tonsillitis with white spots

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sparklefarts Mon 23-Dec-19 06:25:57

Does this always need antibiotics?
It's absolute agony, but only on one side, where it is just a bit white blob now.

Am already away for Xmas so not near my doctor, how do you tell if it needs antibiotics?

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Inittowinit2020 Mon 23-Dec-19 06:35:28

I had it last Xmas and had to go to walk in for antibiotics. There is a scale they use to assess you, includes temp. Can't remember much more sorry!

sparklefarts Mon 23-Dec-19 06:38:44

Thank you! Haven't checked my temp actually. Yesterday was freezing, today boiling

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sparklefarts Mon 23-Dec-19 06:39:47

Husband has it too. Just never know how you're meant to tell if it's viral or bacterial, without just waiting it out I guess

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funmummy48 Mon 23-Dec-19 06:43:00

The last two times I've had tonsillitis I was refused antibiotics. I was told to gargle with aspirin and that it would go away within 10 days but if it didn't, the GP would prescribe antrobotics after that. It was absolute even hurt to swallow my own saliva and I got through lots of packets of Tyrozets and aspirin. It went after 11 days. 😐

sparklefarts Mon 23-Dec-19 06:44:34

Oh grief that's not what I wanted to hear 😂

I guess the bright side is I won't be gaining as much weight over Xmas as usual eh

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SavageBeauty73 Mon 23-Dec-19 07:14:20

Last time I had tonsillitis I had antibiotics. I was really poorly.


Haz1516 Mon 23-Dec-19 07:17:43

With white spots means bacterial I think? (Happy to be corrected)

When I had it, I ended up at a walk in centre on a Saturday evening and they prescribed me penicillin; felt better within two days of taking them.

RebeccaCloud9 Mon 23-Dec-19 07:17:47

My daughter had this recently so I looked into it then (nhs website mainly and spoke to gp and pharmacist relatives). No, the white spots can happen with either viral or bacterial so you won't necessarily need antibiotics. Hers went after a couple of days.

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