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FancyAMincePie Sun 22-Dec-19 21:41:37

I just wanted to make MN’s aware of something which until today I was completely unaware of.

My DH has had a persistent cough and has been taking cough medicine. He has also had cough sweets and drinks herbal tea. Today he had very high blood pressure and a tight chest and the general cause of this was liquorice... I wanted to share as I was shocked

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Aardvarkitsabloodyaardvark Sun 22-Dec-19 21:45:48

Oh wow yes I'm shocked too. I hope you are both OK.
The worst I have had from liquorice is a dodgy belly. Hope he feels better soon.

NannyR Sun 22-Dec-19 21:51:49

I drink peppermint and liquorice tea and there is always a warning on the box, saying that you shouldn't drink it if you have high blood pressure.

JoyceJames Sun 22-Dec-19 22:27:19

There is a warning about it on the information sheet for high blood pressure medication.

nocoolnamesleft Sun 22-Dec-19 22:28:39

Yeah, liquorice is known for raising your BP.

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