Sudden loss of smell/taste

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Crazyoldmaurice Sun 22-Dec-19 18:45:32

I've been ill since beginning if November with various coughs/colds etc and just getting one after the other. Had this current cough and cold for maybe 9 days, it seems to be getting worse and it's been a very tickly cough with now a lot of pressure in my ears and sinuses. For 2 days now ive had zero sense of smell, even when my nose isnt blocked I can smell and taste nothing. I'm very worried as I have been using a decongestant spray to help me sleep at night (if I dont I snore and I sleep with my 2 children so would wake them). I know I need to wean off the decongestant spray but was hoping to wait until I was feeling a bit better as currently feel horrendous but I'm panicking that using the nasal spray for so long has damaged my nose. Has anyone else had a cold that took away their sense of smell and did it come back? Or has anyone else had a decongestant do the same?

Panicking I'll not taste Christmas dinner and that I'll never taste anything again!

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mynameiscalypso Sun 22-Dec-19 18:46:43

I have this every time I get a cold; it normally lasts for a week or so and then it comes back. I hope it comes back for you by Weds!!

Crazyoldmaurice Sun 22-Dec-19 18:49:12

Thanks for the reply! Glad yours came back ok, I'm going to go to the GP tomorrow anyway as it's been dragging on a bit. If it's not back by weds I'll just have to have another xmas dinner if/when it does come back... eating with no flavours is joyless!

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