Not sure if I have taken too much Paracetamol?

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Natuk Sun 22-Dec-19 15:43:35

I have been suffering from the Flu, really had bad fever, cold and cough. I took Lemsip Maximum Day and Night. 2x every 4 hours (8 in total on Thursday, 8 on Friday and 4 Saturday. Stop taking the Lemsip since Saturday. Didn’t realise how dangerous is Paracetamol is. I was that scared I phoned up the NHS 111, unfortunately I couldn’t understand the doctor properly not very good English, but he was nice. I am sure he said 6-8. Any advice please, I am still having anxiety about it!!

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dementedpixie Sun 22-Dec-19 15:47:49

What's the dosage on the box? Doesnt sound like too much

polkadotpixie Sun 22-Dec-19 15:47:53

You can take 8 x 500mg in 24 hours as per NHS guidelines

pbdr Sun 22-Dec-19 15:48:35

Hi OP,

The lemsip max day and night capsules contain 500mg of paracetamol each, so a normal weight adult could take up to two capsules up to four times daily, as long as there is at least 4 hours between doses. Unless you weigh under 50kg, it sounds from your post as if you have not taken more than the recommended dose.

BeyondMyWits Sun 22-Dec-19 15:49:24

Adults and children over 12 years should take 2 day capsules every 4 hours, to a maximum of 6 in 24 hours. Plus 2 night capsules at night.

So max of 8 tablets every 24 hours - as with plain paracetamol. 2x500mg every 4 hours, max dose = 8 per day.

Do not understand what the problem is. It is not too much.

dementedpixie Sun 22-Dec-19 15:52:15

How do I take Lemsip max day & night cold & flu relief?

Adults and adolescents aged 16 years and over should take two day capsules (red/yellow) every four to six hours during the day as needed, up to three times a day.

This should be followed by two night (red/blue) capsules at bedtime. Make sure you leave at least four hours between doses.

Do not take more than three doses of day capsules and one dose of night capsules in 24 hours (*no more than eight capsules in total in 24 hours*).

Jimjamjooney Sun 22-Dec-19 15:57:30

If it's Lemsip max sachets you've been taking (there's a weaker Lemsip with less paracetamol per sachet), each sachet contains 1g of paracetamol. You can have a maximum of 4g in 24 hours. Please seek some medical advice if you have accidentally overdosed as liver damage isn't always immediately apparent.

Also double check on the box what it says.


Jimjamjooney Sun 22-Dec-19 15:59:33

Sorry OP didn't catch that you were taking the capsules.

Mrsjayy Sun 22-Dec-19 16:06:04

You took the right dosage you would have followed the instructions on the lemsips you only get a fewc days worth of tablets in cold cures.

Natuk Sun 22-Dec-19 16:13:44

Thank you for your quick replies..

Sorry I should have said I was taking Lemsip cold and flu capsules day and night. (500mg Paracetamol)

I do suffered from Anxiety. I just panicked because I thought I had taken too much paracetamol, I was also worry about Liver damage I cause. Thursday, Friday I was so poorly with the Fever, Cold and Cough and laid up in bed. I wasn’t thinking straight. Still not 100% though.

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Mrsjayy Sun 22-Dec-19 17:23:44

No you will be fine these cold capsules are doseaged out for you to take. You can take 500 mg off paracetamol every 4 hours your dose was fine, i hope you are feeling better soon ☺

Natuk Sun 22-Dec-19 21:14:46

Thanks Mrsjayy. I didn’t know you can take 500mg off paracetamol every 4 hours. Hope i feeling better for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone x

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dementedpixie Sun 22-Dec-19 21:17:21

You can take 500mg every 4 hours but a maximum of 4 times in 24 hours.

dementedpixie Sun 22-Dec-19 21:19:17

2 capsules is 1000mg and you can take a max of 8 in 24 hours

Natuk Sun 22-Dec-19 21:37:44

Thanks Dementedpixie.

I haven’t touch the paracetamol since Saturday lunch time at 1pm. ( Did took 2 capsules at 8:30am as fevers had been horrid) Giving my liver a rest, I know I was in my dose but it’s still a lot!

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Natuk Sun 22-Dec-19 22:24:41

I know I shouldn’t google. I have read a few people had died taking Lemsip Overdose.

I am 39 years old female, 10 1/2 stones and 4”11.

Thursday I think I took x2 at 8am (I was sick after taking them because the temperature was so high and coughing didn’t help)
12:30pm, x2
4:30pm, x2
9pm, x2

Friday -
8am, x2
12pm x2
4pm, x2
8:30pm x2

Saturday 8am and then at 1pm.

I know I sound paranoid and thank you for your replies! I don’t I will touch paracetamol again, as I didn’t knew how dangerous they are to the liver.

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Natuk Sun 22-Dec-19 22:25:22

8:30am on Saturday*

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dementedpixie Sun 22-Dec-19 22:46:40

Loads of things are dangerous if taken at the wrong dose. Paracetamol is not going to do you harm if taken according to its instructions. Heck, even water can do harm if you drink too much of it too quickly

teentree Sun 22-Dec-19 22:52:26

DH takes maximum dose paracetamol every single day and has done for years. I think you will be ok.

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