Furry rough sensation on roof of mouth?

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AllAboutTheGin Sat 21-Dec-19 18:09:17

Just that really. I’ve had it occasionally before when eating very fatty foods I think, but this is every day now. Been about a week, and doesn’t seem present in the morning but mid afternoon onwards and is really annoying. Can’t see anything and everything tastes fine, no soreness or discomfort. Just really really annoying. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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girlofthenorth Sun 22-Dec-19 10:11:28

Oral thrush ? From but you can get an over the counter medication. Check for white patches .

Lifeisnotsimple Sun 22-Dec-19 20:23:48

Have you found out what this is. Ive had a rough feeling at back of throat like im dehydrated. Im drinking loads but its like my tongue and tastebuds are irritating the roof of my mouth. Been to the dr she said they look fine. Said it could be acid reflux but i dont have those symptoms.

AllAboutTheGin Mon 23-Dec-19 07:37:50

No, I haven’t found out what it is yet. I’m pretty sure it’s not thrush as I can’t see any patches. I do actually occasionally get acid reflux so could be that...

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SandyStarfish Mon 10-May-21 22:47:36

@AllAboutTheGin did you ever figure this out? I have EXACTLY the same thing. Always in late afternoon til morning.

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