Is it norovirus?

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PhilSwagielka Fri 20-Dec-19 18:39:30

Ive been down with some kind of bug since Tuesday. I play Pokemon Go and I went for a walk in a local park, and I was practically dropping from tiredness by the time I got home. I haven't been sick, but I feel very sick - my cat kept walking on my stomach while I was in bed and I wanted to kill him, I felt so awful - and I've had diarrhoea. My arms and legs are also really shaky - I went for a walk to pick up my mum's birthday present today and my arms and legs felt really horrible, really wobbly and shaky. It was all I could do just to spread hummus on a bagel I was having for lunch. Is this a norovirus thing? And would I be safe to go to the gym tomorrow?

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Sherloidbaisherloid Sat 21-Dec-19 18:24:21

Please don’t go to the gym if you’re feeling like this. Very selfish to risk spreading it to other folk especially this close to Christmas. Wait until you are better

UtuNorantiPralatongsThirdEye Sat 21-Dec-19 18:29:26

Why would you even think about going to the gym when you're so ill that you struggled to spread humus on a bagel?confused

Idk what bug you have but please don't go spreading it around.

ShristmasChopper Sat 21-Dec-19 18:33:02

Why would you consider the gym when you feel so rotten?
Rest up until it passes. Sip water eat when you feel ready. Keep personal hygiene levels high to avoid shsring this bug with others.

BaubleTheLumpOfCoal Sat 21-Dec-19 18:33:12

Norovirus is relentless shitting and vomiting, coupled with sweats, tiredness, non stop nausea...
You wouldn't manage a walk to the shops without shitting/vomiting if it were Norovirus.

Saying that, you still have a bug of some sort and every time you go for a walk you're risking passing it to someone else - just before Christmas. Please don't be that person.

Stay at home (definitely no gym) until you're clear of your symptoms for 48 hours.

PhilSwagielka Sat 21-Dec-19 18:56:32

I go the gym at weekends. Tbh I was leery about going for reasons people have stated. I already cancelled on my brother earlier this week because I was planning to meet up with him before he went the Everton match, but I didn't want him getting whatever I had.

@BaubleTheLumpOfCoal tbh I did have my doubts about it being norovirus due to not shitting/vomiting, I've had it before and it was gruesome. I have the nausea/stomach pain and tiredness but that's it.

I went for a walk around a local park just to get out of the house for a bit and ended up exhausted. Like so tired I could barely stand by the end of it. I don't know whether it's my fibro flaring up or what, I don't normally feel like that.

Been ill for 4-5 days now.

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Elouera Sat 21-Dec-19 19:41:12

My husband and I had norovirus 2 weeks ago and there is NO WAY I'd even consider going to the gym- r anywhere public out of the house!!!
We both had projectile vomiting ALL day, plus diarrhoea- often at the same time! He had a fever of 38.5' and a pink heat rash over his face and trunk. Despite regular ibuprofen and paracetamol, he was also wrapped in 2 duvets, with a hot water bottle and the heating on full.

You can get a stomach bug without it being norovirus. Regardless of what is causing it- STAY AT HOME, and avoid contaminating others!


PhilSwagielka Sat 21-Dec-19 20:10:51

How long did it take you all to recover?

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Elouera Sat 21-Dec-19 21:45:19

After the norovirus, I had stopped D&V by that evening, whereas hubby was ill with fevers and symptoms for 2 days. Took us both several days to feel back to normal though and actually want to eat again. I lost 4kg in 24hrs just from fluid loss!!!

Last year I had a random case of diarrhoea. No vomiting, no fevers or pain, just watery diarrhoea (sorry of TMI!). That took 6 days before things were back to normal. no idea of the cause as I felt fine otherwise.

If diarrhoea strikes, I always try natural sauerkraut (in the fridge section of some supermarkets and not the pasteurised one), kimchi, kefir etc to help increase natural gut enzymes. Avoid oily and spicy foods. Plain carbs like plain rice, crackers or bananas can help firm things. Most cases clear within a day or 2, but if its bloody and not resolving within a week, see your GP.

PhilSwagielka Sat 21-Dec-19 22:18:15

No blood, thank G-d. Also, I have IBS so my bowels are all over the place anyway.

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