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2121449mmh Fri 20-Dec-19 17:39:33

Hi there

It is more than two weeks that i have found a dent or maybe dimple to say, on my right breast. I am totally scared and so disappointed.
They are two acctually, one in the canter of the breast line a very unvisible line till my aerola and the other one is on the breast side and not so visible. The first thing i saw was that just a one third of my aerola was a bit Swollen and then found dents.
No other sings. Four months ago i had a lump in the other breast. They did mamogram for both breasts and also ultrasound that i can not remeamber if they did for both or not but i can remember that the doctor did it for both.
It was fibroadenoma in the left one and biopsy came out benign.
After i saw it is Swollen, so hard i got time for the breast clinic. By the way, i am in sweden and it is so slow and hard a doctor visit you. So, a nurse in the breast clinic checked my breast. She said she feels no lump and no nipple discharge or something strange. I showed the two dimples and Swollen part, she smiled and said she does not think that it is something serious cause i have had tests 4 month ago. And she send letter to do ultrasound but not clear when! I mean she did nit take it serious!
I am totally panicked by googling and saw thiose two photos of those two ladies with just dimples that it came out as cancer!
And then found this froum and read alot. I decided to explain it to you and ask what do you think about this 4 month ago mammogram and now this situation.
Thanks in advance

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Perid0t Sat 21-Dec-19 09:17:57

The fact you were clear 4 months ago I would take comfort in. If you do have cancer, it will be super early. She’s right to check it out and I hope everything is ok.

2121449mmh Sat 21-Dec-19 18:33:18

Thanks alot for talking to me

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