help what is wrong with me? did i have a miscarriage

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kxylxx Fri 20-Dec-19 05:11:13

I‘m 17 and the last time i had sex was over a year ago (while on BC and with pulling out) For a long time (probably 2 years/ definitely over 1 year) I‘ve been having very bad issues with spotting and cramps and very heavy bleeding. We thought it was my BC, so I switched it like 10 times but it always ends with me spotting again. I‘ve gotten multiple blood tests done and ultrasounds but nobody can seem to figure out what’s wrong. Ever since thanksgiving I‘ve been having heavier breakthrough breedings and cramps. Today, as I was driving home, things felt very uncomfortable down there and I thought it was because I hadn’t changed my panty liner in a little. So when i tried moving my panty liner around to make it feel better, I felt something hard. I took it and looked at it and the only way I can describe it is that it looked like meat (brown color, hard texture). I got super freaked out and showed my mom the picture I took and she said it looks like a miscarriage. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because it does look like a very young fetus, but the thing is I haven’t had sex in over a year, plus I was on BC when I did have sex AND I have taken multiple pregnancy tests (bc the doctors were switching my BC so often.) Please lmk if something like this has happened to any of you before or if you have any idea what it is. Thanks.

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Monkeychunkyfunky Fri 20-Dec-19 05:13:51

Could it have been a decidual cast?

kxylxx Fri 20-Dec-19 07:22:21

@Monkeychunkyfunky I just googled some pictures of that and I don’t think it was since I shed a lot of uterine lining every single day and whatever came out of me was very small compared to the pictures (and brown and dense, not skin like) but thank you!

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Monkeychunkyfunky Fri 20-Dec-19 13:06:25

I would go to the drs then if not.

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