Foot operation

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flowerbox Thu 19-Dec-19 20:45:45

I had emergency surgery on my foot on monday after falling over, I have had a plate and screws put in. The surgery itself hasn't bothered me, it's afterwards. I'm really struggling to manage with crutches so am using a frame, I'm finding the plaster cast hard and heavy and I am not allowed to weight bear on it. I'm having to inject myself every day, and finding it really hard to be in doors and not have my independence. My anxiety has been through the roof and my gp has prescribed diazepam 2mg which isn't helping me atall. I have a check up in 2 weeks and then again at the end of January. Please tell me it gets better and what should I expect at my check ups. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm whingeing but I am not very brave with things like this. I would love some positive support please.

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