Alopecia Areata

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notdorotheabrooke Thu 19-Dec-19 11:13:23


I've just been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. Does anyone else have any experience of this?

I have one spot of baldness on the top of my head, about 3-4cm wide. I'm not sure how long this has been happening for as it was only discovered at the hairdressers few days ago - but looking back at old photos I can see that it was actually apparent as early as 7 weeks ago.

I went to see a private dermatologist yesterday who gave me some steroid shots in the patch. Has anyone tried this treatment, and how long did it take for you to see improvements?

Most of all I'd love to hear some reassuring accounts of people having recovered from this -- the internet is full of horror stories.

Thanks so xxx

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notdorotheabrooke Fri 20-Dec-19 16:31:18


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MrsHopeful88 Sun 02-Feb-20 09:07:20

Hi there,

It's been a while but I wanted to check how things are going with AA and if you hair grew back?
I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with alopecia areata (I also have Hashimoto's). My hair has started falling out since I got pregnant but I've now lost almost half of my hair.

Thanks xx

notdorotheabrooke Sun 02-Feb-20 15:18:00


My spot doesn't seem to have gotten much bigger -- still about 4cm diameter. And there is some regrowth now -- maybe about 1 cm long hairs here and there throughout the patch. I have been using some DermMatch to cover the spot and manage to blowdry my hair (a cropped style) over it to conceal it during the day. I've been able to stop fretting about it quite so much, which is a great relief. But it's a slow waiting game. And who knows if this is the beginning of the end, or the beginning of a long troubled history.

I'm so sorry you've been dealing with this. I found it unbearable when it first happened. It made me terribly depressed and anxious. Have you seen a dermatologist? I'm sure this must be related to your pregnancy?


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MrsHopeful88 Sun 02-Feb-20 15:48:51

Thank you xx
It’s very depressing, especially because for me, it all happened suddenly (in a month I’ve lost a quarter of my hair!). But I’m trying to stay positive, seeing a dermatologist in a week but I’m not very hopeful- there’s not much you can do when you’re pregnant! But hopefully, it will stop one day in the same way as it came smile

StormBaby Sun 02-Feb-20 15:50:17

Whenever I'm stressed I get this. It's always about the size of a 50p, and always grows back(usually curly!)

notdorotheabrooke Sun 02-Feb-20 16:19:51

Pregnancy does all sorts of bonkers things to your body, so if it's possible to try and wait it out, I'm sure things will change. And there are certainly things a dermotologist will be able to recommend.

I have a theory that mine was kicked off by having done a chemical foot peel (sounds weird I know, but it was really strong and my skin reacted badly all over my body...) and that a period of stress around that period contributed to it.

Having said that we're trying to move house now (also v stressful) and it is growing back, so who on earth knows. I started taking iron and zinc supplements too.


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