Newly diagnosed with underactive thyroid.

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Nat6999 Wed 18-Dec-19 21:19:56

Finally today after 20 years of borderline thyroid blood tests I have been diagnosed with underactive thyroid. My usual results have been 5.5-6.0, this week's test is 11.0 & my GP has prescribed Levothroxine 50mcg for the first month before another blood test & review. I have been feeling rough for ages, just walking from my bed to the toilet wears me out, if like today I have to go out, I can't plan anything for tomorrow as I will be in bed all day. I suffer from ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia as well & I think that some of my symptoms have been written off as those for some time. I started losing my hair not long after my dad died earlier this year & got told the usual things that it was stress & shock, I have put on 4 stone in weight as well. Does anyone who suffers from underactive thyroid have any idea roughly I can expect before I start feeling better, have more energy & start losing the weight?

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