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How likely am I get to get SPD again if I have another baby?

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BigBearistheBigBear Fri 24-Aug-07 17:30:39

I want 3 kids. I have 2.
I had terrible SPD last pregnancy (baby born 8 months ago). It has cleared up completely, but it was awful, so painful. Has anyone managed to avoid a recurrence in subsequent pregnancies, and if so HOW? Or am I inevitably DOOMED?

Naboo Fri 24-Aug-07 20:47:00

I had terrible SPD with my first. Had crutches and was desperate towards the end. It still felt sore 18 months afterwards.

I'm now due my second very shortly, and it has been a lot better. The key i have found is to lie flat for an hour or more if you can. It has made such a huge difference. I thought i was doomed, but it's not always the case, to my surprise. Good luck anyway.

CarGirl Fri 24-Aug-07 20:49:04

Had very bad spd with pregnancy no.3, crutches, couldn't sleep, at the osteopath every week to cope etc Pregnancy no.4, it started earlier but it never got as bad I think it's because I knew exactly what it was straight away and what to do/what not to do etc it never got aggrevated in the first place.

3madboys Fri 24-Aug-07 21:01:57

i had terrible spd with my first pregnancy, i was hospitalised for two weeks at one point but i went on to have ds2 and ds3 without too many problems, had physio and had to be careful, lifting etc but was pretty much ok, i am now expecting no 4 and it is playing up a bit, but its early days yet.

fakeblonde Fri 24-Aug-07 23:29:29

Generally you are at sl increased risk but you might not suffer at all.Good luck

ghosty Sat 25-Aug-07 00:05:20

One of the reasons I am not going for number 3 is the prospect of SPD a third time ... sad

BigBearistheBigBear Sat 25-Aug-07 00:23:30

Thanks for honest replies. Has anyone tried pilates or anything?

CarGirl Sat 25-Aug-07 13:53:26

I think in part it depends on what causes your spd???? Mine is aggrevated because my leg muscles etc are very tight so they pull to hard on my pelvis making it move around too much when pregnant? That is why the osteopathic treatment helped so much for me

ejt1764 Sat 25-Aug-07 14:05:37

I had spd with my first from 30 weeks, and was basically immobile for the last 5 weeks of the pg ... but there was no real care in place.

I was advised to leave at least 2 years between pg to allow the hormone levels to return to normal, and was then told that I was likely to get a reoccurence earlier and more severely.

DS is now nearly 5, and I'm 34 weeks pg with my 2nd - the spd did come back earlier (started getting the first twinges at 12 weeks) - but as others have said, as I knew what it was I made a fuss and demanded a physio referral - and te trust I'm under has had a sea-change in attitude towards spd. They now have 2 full-time women's health physios, and they offer group help and support, one-on-one appointments, hydro sessions for severe cases, pain clinics and post-natal care.

I am on crutches / using a chair, and have been since 22 weeks, but I feel like I'm better off this time, as I have all the support systems in place to help me through the pg.

Mind you, I still become a whinging mess by about 8pm - and we've decided that this is it in terms of children, as neither I nor my marriage could cope (although part of that is due to the fact that I suffered with hyperemesis until 28 weeks as well!)

Good luck!

Naboo Sat 25-Aug-07 22:27:36

Forgot to say that at about four months, it was very painful, and i thought the worst was coming. Had a few oesteo sessions, and made sure i laid flat at least once a day - and felt a bit better. Defo hormonal, and how you lie in bed/sit affects it massively. Swimming helped me feel less achey too - although avoid breast stroke leg movements.

Naboo Sat 25-Aug-07 22:28:56

Huge cushion in between legs whilst sleeping has been a great help.

Ceolas Sat 25-Aug-07 22:33:55

Now this is just my experience, but I had it last time and not this time. Not so bad that I had crutches but significant pain and wore a belt for a few months.

I had 3 children in just over 3 years. This time we've a much bigger gap. DB4 due any day and DS (number 3) is 4. I have found the whole pregnancy easier on my body. No backache of SPD - both of which I remember being horrendous in previous pregnancies. I think it's because I'm not lifting small people into car seats, supermakret trolleys, high chairs, etc. Nor am I carrying anyone around any more.

As I say, just my experience, but I don't think it's necessarily a given that you'll definitely get it again.

BigBearistheBigBear Sat 25-Aug-07 22:50:11

I found that towards the end of my last pregnancy I couldn't lie down flat without my whole pelvis locking. I spent the last few weeks of the pregnancy sleeping upright in bed.

We'd hoped to try for no 3 when DD2 is 12 months old. There are 2.5 years between DDs1 and 2, we started trying for DD2 when DD1 was 18 months.

Have been doing some pilates to try and tighten up the pelvic area, and I might give swimming a go.

Sometimes I remember how painful it was, and I get really scared though. I do empathise with those of you going through it at the moment.

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