Eczema on fingers only

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lobsteroll Wed 18-Dec-19 18:15:47

Towards the end of my last pregnancy I started getting eczema on my little finger and ring finger on both hands. No where else.

I wear wedding/engagement band on one of those fingers but the others are usually bare. I've taken the rings off for now until it's sorted. It's especially bad first thing in the morning.

Have been to the chemist and they gave me hydrocortisone cream and recommended a thick hand cream for once it clears up - but it's yet to clear up yet and it's been a good few months. If anything it's got worse but hasn't spread elsewhere.

Has anyone else experienced this/have any tips on how to get rid?

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spottygymbag Wed 18-Dec-19 19:01:06

I had this with my first and have white hold rings. I got them re-plated and wore them on a necklace day to day but on fingers for special occasions. The replating helped quite a lot. I'd use sudocream on the itch, and put some on as an extra barrier before wearing them and it all went away after DD's arrival. Second time round and no issues so far!!

spottygymbag Wed 18-Dec-19 19:01:48

I had this with my first and have white gold rings. I got them re-plated and wore them on a necklace day to day but on fingers for special occasions. The replating helped quite a lot. I'd use sudocream on the itch, and put some on as an extra barrier before wearing them and it all went away after DD's arrival. Second time round and no issues so far!!

Airhows Wed 18-Dec-19 19:05:31

I am prone to eczema on my hands anyway but funnily enough, only get it under my rings when pregnant too confused I reckon it's something got to do with fingers getting bigger and sweat/moisture/soap gathering under the rings. I have to give up wearing mine by the 3rd trimester.

ExpletiveFairylighted Wed 18-Dec-19 19:09:43

This happened to me, turned out I had a nickel allergy and a ring I had been wearing was an old "silver" one probably full
of nickel, it cleared once I stopped wearing it. The doctor said it can be problematic if you handle keys or coins a lot too - do either of these apply?

elf1985 Wed 18-Dec-19 19:18:22

I had this terribly with my second. He has bad eczema too. I suffered for years before I switched to bar soap instead of liquid hand soap. The difference has been amazing. A week or 2 for it to clear up (taking antihistamines daily too). I have even switched to using it in the shower and on my son. The difference has been amazing. Apparently I have a soap allergy.

anunseemlylovefordustin Wed 18-Dec-19 19:26:32

I've got this too, and it has been really puzzling me! I'm not pregnant (I'm perimenopausal!) but it's only on the finger that I wear my rings on (both are platinum). Sympathy to you, I haven't found anything to sort it yet, even though I've left my rings off for a few weeks now. Someone suggested O-Keefes cream, but the foot one. I haven't tried it yet but I'm seriously considering it!


sirmione16 Wed 18-Dec-19 19:28:26

Had eczema all my life. Get rid of any scented hand-wash, lotions or detergents. Throw out latex or rubber gloves and get the latex free ones if you use them. Wear gloves outside at the moment. Keep them clean, I know washing them feels like it agitates them, but cleaning the sores helps them heal quicker in my experience. Just keep the cream in the bathroom or nearby, literally don't let them completely dry before putting it on. Lastly, try not to obsess over them as stress makes it worse for a lot of people. It's horrible. I had an awful flare due to hormones when I had my boy and I cried for days, couldn't even hold him. It was horrendous. So I sympathise. Also worth mentioning that for some people (and sometimes has helped me when midly irritated) put a little nappy rash cream on to soothe it. I found that the aldi mamia nappy cream really soothes it when they get to that burning feeling.

sirmione16 Wed 18-Dec-19 19:29:13

Also there's a cream called eumovate which tends to have a better reputation than a standard hydrocortisone

fllinn Wed 18-Dec-19 19:38:25

Eumovate is stronger than hydrocortisone cream. There are many stronger ones - GP can prescribe. Sometimes infection or bacterial involvement can stop eczema healing too. DS2 has battled terrible eczema for all his life, bless him.

A friend had what looked like eczema only on her fingers but it was mainly index and middle finger. She had prescription steroid and antibacterial creams of different varieties for months and it only slightly improved. I saw her a while later and it was gone, she said it turned out to be a particular vitamin deficiency, I think she said it was B12 but not completely sure. Maybe worth googling or trying out a supplement?

MrsIronfoundersson Wed 18-Dec-19 19:59:07

Do you dry under the rings when you wash your hands OP? That gets me. Body Shop hemp hand cream is very good for this kind of thing. Hope it improves.

lobsteroll Wed 18-Dec-19 20:15:47

Thanks everyone! Some great advice. I do wonder whether it's being made worse by doing lots of washing up at the moment (washing bottles!) and washing my hands a lot (changing nappies!) 😂 will go through all the suggestions and see what works.

Thank you!!

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Airhows Wed 18-Dec-19 21:00:17

Yy to the poster who said get rid of latex gloves. I was using marigolds, thinking I was protecting my hands when cleaning, but it turns out whatever powder they put inside was actually making my hands worse.

I've tried o Keefe's and it was good for the dryness but didn't clear the eczema.

stophuggingme Wed 18-Dec-19 21:06:46

How strange! I have at times horrible eczema all over my palms and fingers and creases / knuckles / joints except when I have been pregnant. For 27 months of my life since about 17 my hands have been smooth and lovely the rest of the time rough and awful. I am clearly a freak !

sirmione16 Fri 20-Dec-19 10:08:38

@stophuggingme not unusual at all for pregnancy to trigger eczema. It's also common for eczema sufferers to have patches clear or get better during it too. All due to hormone in balances smile I was praying mine would get better but wasn't the case unfortunately!

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