Truly awful D&V bug

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CanISpeakToYourManager Wed 18-Dec-19 01:24:40

First I've had for years. Started last week with being up all night puking and literally sh*tting myself, in between being passed out on the bathroom floor. A couple of days of less severe symptoms but no appetite, sleeping, etc. Felt like I was better tody and was through the 48 hr quarantine period and BANG - back in the bathroom now. Haven't actually been sick this time but might be... But the d symptoms are truly awful again.

The fairly major bright point is that I have managed not to pass it on to dp and two teenagers.

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Ifeelinclined Wed 18-Dec-19 01:25:30

I'm so sorry! How miserable thanks

CanISpeakToYourManager Wed 18-Dec-19 01:33:39

I guess I am back to cancelling things for the next couple of days. envy

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CanISpeakToYourManager Wed 18-Dec-19 01:40:15

Also, can't remember what I am supposed to do for D&V? Just drink water and was hands and clean up? Or is there anything else?

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TheUnquestionedAnswer Wed 18-Dec-19 02:13:06

have you got diaoralyte?

peanutdust Wed 18-Dec-19 02:18:21

Can you keep down some flat lemonade? Or cola?

spamm Wed 18-Dec-19 02:37:03

Unless you have any health problems, no food and just water for a couple of days is a good idea. When you want to eat again, remember BRAT - bananas, rice, apples and toast. It is always what I have seen recommended. Flat coke also, but not too much as you will want to ignore unnecessary sugars. Hope you feel much better soon.


SubordinateThatClause Wed 18-Dec-19 07:52:58

Sorry you feel so grim. Bleach is your relatives' friend to minimise spread. Rest well.

woodymiller Wed 18-Dec-19 09:39:08

The one time I've been like that it turned out not to be a "bug" but cryptosporidium (a parasite) when I stopped eating it would calm down then as soon as I tried food I'd be back to square one (only d no v). After 2 weeks of this gp agreed to get stool sample checked. The advice was to force myself to eat and flush it out as the fasting was giving the wee bastards time to multiply inside me.

CanISpeakToYourManager Wed 18-Dec-19 22:28:05

Feeling a little better today. Have managed to eat a little. Thanks for the tips!

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