Lump...Liposarcoma or lipoma?

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DumbFlagScum Tue 17-Dec-19 23:00:50

Dh has a lump in his hip. And I'm secretly freaking out.

It has literally just appeared, he had a v thorough medical a month ago and it wasn't there.

It's big, about the length of my hand and I can move it seems v big to be a lipoma. And it's come on so fast, although he has recently had bouts of sciatica and a sore back over the past fortnight.

He has an appointment with doctors, but unless he gets a definitive answer we could be looking at a stressed Christmas waiting for a referral.

I'm so worried, would love any ideas or reassurance.

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rubyismyworld Thu 19-Dec-19 15:19:44

Could be a hernia? Also lipomas can be huge! If it’s soft and movable that’s a good sign

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