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early menopause?

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marimoo Fri 24-Aug-07 13:57:00

For the past few weeks I have been suffering with random hot flushes that are now occurring daily. My periods are getting irregular whereas before they used to be like clockwork. PMT is a nightmare now, with really sore breasts and incredible tiredness. Also my jeans seem to get tight around the waist in the evenings, although I have not put weight on. Does this sound like the change?

Tanee58 Fri 24-Aug-07 15:17:13

Probably. How old are you? My sister's going through similar symptoms in her early 40s - you may want to see your doctor for a hormone checkup just in case.

aloha Fri 24-Aug-07 15:31:27

Go and see your GP because there could be other (benign) causes for your symptoms. How old are you?

marimoo Fri 24-Aug-07 16:07:25

Only 34 so I am still young for this, but I cannot think what else would be causing these symptoms, especiallt the hot flushes. sad

zippitippitoes Fri 24-Aug-07 16:10:39

it can be hormone imbalance or any kind of gynaecological problem or thyroid best to see gp

aloha Fri 24-Aug-07 16:13:08

Yes, you are very young for the menopause. Go and see your GP. A blood test will give you an idea what your hormones are up to fairly quickly. Are you on any medication?
Do the flashes happen in the day or night?

aloha Fri 24-Aug-07 16:14:21

Thyroid imbalances can cause menstrual irregularities and hot flushes plus tiredness.
Again, a simple blood test can diagnose.

Tanee58 Fri 24-Aug-07 16:43:58

At 34 you are very young for the menopause. I'd definitely see your GP and have some tests done.

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