Mastectomy recovery

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Davros Mon 16-Dec-19 00:28:53

I am having a single mastectomy on 7th January. My big blow out 60th birthday party is on 25th January. I'm trying to work out if I will be recovered enough to enjoy it or should try to postpone for a week or maybe two. I haven't sent out the invitations yet but need to very soon. Any advice please?

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adayatthebeach Mon 16-Dec-19 00:43:44

I have no knowledge of recovery after that surgery but why not go ahead and change the date? You want to feel the best you can. Wish you well.

Davros Mon 16-Dec-19 00:45:09

I'm going to see if it's possible but I don't really want to change it as it's my actual birthday. I will see,,,,
Thanks for replying

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AnnaFiveTowns Mon 16-Dec-19 08:18:14

I've had a single mastectomy without reconstruction. Are you planning on reconstruction? I was out of hospital the same day. I can't remember being in any pain at all and as far as I can remember I was up and about doing normal things immediately; the next day I was hosting my son's birthday party. It probably would have been better to rest more but I was amazed at how little it seemed to impact my life. I can't remember now if they say to wait a week or so.before driving? Anyway the whole thing was fine. You'll be fine. Good luck.

AnnaFiveTowns Mon 16-Dec-19 08:22:34

If you're having reconstruction then it is far more complicated and the recovery time is a lot longer which is why I decided not to go down that route. So if you are having reconstruction then you will need to postpone; otherwise I would stick to the original date.

Davros Mon 16-Dec-19 10:07:53

I'm not having reconstruction so this is good news. They seem more concerned about the removal/sampling of lymph nodes under my armpit and that potentially being painful sometimes and a stiff arm. Did either of you have that?

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Mynamenotaccepted Mon 16-Dec-19 12:06:47

Good luck I had right side total mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes when I was 49. Two weeks later I emulsions the bathroom walls. Mad I know, arm was stiff but bloody cancer was not going to stop me. But it is up to you!


Davros Mon 16-Dec-19 12:39:57

I'm very encouraged. If nothing else, my party would be to celebrate getting over this

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Minxmumma Mon 16-Dec-19 14:39:05

Hi I had a single mastectomy without recon in late August and after a weeks rest was up and running so to speak.

My arm was a bit stiff but not dreadful. My advice is to keep on top of the exercises however much they make you curse to start with. They really do work and help prevent cording, swelling etc.

I was back running my beaver colony at two weeks, hiked 10 miles at 4 weeks and camped outdoors with 50 kids at 8 weeks.

It is doable. Enjoy your party.

Davros Mon 16-Dec-19 15:51:27

Thanks so much everyone, I feel much better about the whole thing now. I'll send out the invitations ASAP

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AnnaFiveTowns Mon 16-Dec-19 21:52:46

Yes, they removed my sentinel lymph node at the same time. This left me with a kind of bruised feeling deep.inside the armpit. That was probably the only real pain I had but it wasn't bad at all. I didn't even take painkillers for it to be honest and I'm not particularly stoic. I think after two weeks you'll be fine.

Davros Mon 16-Dec-19 22:26:42

Thanks so much, I feel reassured

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newbingepisodes Mon 16-Dec-19 22:29:41

I had a bilateral mastectomy with implant reconstruction for Brca mutation - elective breast removal not cancer.
I still had drains in at 2 weeks post op and was still on pain killers.

Davros Thu 23-Jan-20 09:54:30

I just want to say thanks for those who responded and reassured me. I'm still recovering but I'm pretty well and doing more or less everything I usually do. Looking forward to my big party on Saturday. thanks

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mrswhiplington Thu 23-Jan-20 16:22:24

Glad to hear you are doing Take it easy.

I had a single mastectomy with recon in 2012. I remember it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Just don't overdo things. Enjoy your

AnnaFiveTowns Thu 23-Jan-20 23:32:04

That's good to hear. Hope you have a great party!

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