Perimenopause and heavy period

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JaneyCartmel Sun 15-Dec-19 20:49:48

I’m 45 and think I must be in the peri menopause. My periods have started to get further apart (only by about two days) and incredibly heavy and painful. Any ideas on how to deal with this. I don’t want to have to take codeine every month.

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MistyMinge2 Sun 15-Dec-19 20:55:08

I have very heavy periods. I got prescribed tranexamic acid and it's been a game changer. Makes such a huge difference to my life. Go chat to your doctor. You don't have to put up with it.

MistyMinge2 Sun 15-Dec-19 20:55:47

Also worth ruling out fibroids.

Elieza Sun 15-Dec-19 21:23:02

I have uterine fibroids and had to have acupuncture to make my periods lighter and shorter and come on time. Expensive but totally worked. I don’t like taking pills if I don’t have to!

My pal has the same problem and got a copper coil fitted and after three months while it seemed to kick in she’s not had a problem at all.

Topseyt Sun 15-Dec-19 21:33:00

I'm 53 and perimenopausal. I have fibroids and have had very heavy periods for years.

I take tranexamic acid which is prescribed by my GP and it does seem to help. It is a prescription medication, but I think it is one that some pharmacists can sometimes prescribe too.

See your GP for advice.

JaneyCartmel Sun 15-Dec-19 23:21:14

Ok thanks, will have a chat with my gp (if I can get an appointment).

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Pinkypie86 Mon 16-Dec-19 19:48:51

Following with interest. The past two years have been hell for me. My periods are 12 days long and so painful and heavy, even afterwards the pain is immense. I have been to the GP and A&E because I have CKD stage 2 and often have that compliant but, it must all be my periods.
They won't listen. Its hardworking getting them to take me seriously.
Good Luck OP


Hibbert73 Wed 18-Dec-19 17:52:07

Been on the contraceptive implant for over 6yrs I finally had it removed recently as I was haveing intermittent bleeding. Am 46 yrs old, recently seen my gp regarding this intermittent bleeding, gp thinks am perimenopause. Gp referred me for a trans vaginal/pelvic scan to rule out fibriods.
Looking back I think I have been having peri menopause symptoms for a while ie mood swings, discoloration skin, feel like something crawling under my skin. Are these symptoms true. Has anyone had any other perimenopause symptoms to share.

DivisionBelles Wed 18-Dec-19 18:00:09

Following as well. I'm now on day 21. Think it's about to stop, then it comes back with again. I've tried all week to get a Drs appointment but haven't been able to so far. I'm so fed up, I just want to stop bleeding. Who'd be a woman, eh?

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