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Spots on an 8 year old

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Twinklewishes Fri 24-Aug-07 08:59:39

I have a dd 8 years old and I am really worried. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a similar thing.

Over the week she has started to develop spots. The three on her nose have developed small "heads" but now she has developed a further four on her cheek and forehead. These further ones have not developed heads yet.

She has had impetaigo in the past, but this does not look like it. They also don't look like bites or heat lumps and it is not been hot here for a couple of weeks now. I have done all the other checks for other serious rashes and nothing is obvious.

I am just really worried as I have never seen them before in a child so young. She does appear very young and small for her age compared to other children of her age.

I am trying to get an appointment for her at the doctors, here, but they say will say that it is not an emergency as she is not ill

(p.s. We currently live in Spain where the weather is quite hot but all protective precautions have been taken. She has developed large brown freckles and dry patches on her nose which I have been told are a warning sign that her skin is fair and always needs protecting).

PatsyCline Fri 24-Aug-07 15:54:54


I took my two daughters to the doctors with something that sounds very smiliar a couple of weeks ago. DD1 had them on her leg and DD2 on her waist. Turned out to be molluscum contagiosum - nenver heard of it bwefore but apparently very common. Have a look and see if it rings any bells:

I hope the doctor puts your mind at rest.


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