Blood in urine after sex!

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Hobbes2019 Sun 15-Dec-19 12:17:58

I had sex on Friday (for only the second time) and it was abit painful and the next day I peed and it burned to pee and I was experiencing spotting in my underwear. The pee stopped hurting over the day but I noticed if I wiped too hard a little blood would come off on the tissue. I just assumed the sex had cut or torn abit. Today I woke up and had a pee, I looked into the toilet and it was bright red blood and I’m spotting into a sanitary towel. My period is due tomorrow or Tuesday and I’ve changed the pill I’m on so I don’t know if it’s possible that the adjustment to the new pill has started my period early but as you can imagine I’m beyond stressed because I go home from uni on Wednesday and signing up to a new Doctors temporarily is stressful enough. Plz help x

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Hobbes2019 Sun 15-Dec-19 12:25:18

Update; I thini I do have slight wouldn’t on my vagina (unless it’s dried blood) so I’m guessing it’s possible they opened and that’s why blood came out because I just went to another pee and blood wasn’t in it this time but it slightly came off on tissue

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stillstandingatthebusstop Sun 15-Dec-19 12:27:17

You need to go to the doctors. You may have a urinary tract infection.
The doctors can test to find out. Try and get an out of hours appointment today and get it sorted. Then you can enjoy your last few days at uni.

Seeline Sun 15-Dec-19 12:30:54

If you can't get a GP appointment, see if there is a walk-in clinic nearby.
It could easily be a UTI. The dr will test a urine sample with a paper strip to check for signs of infection, and give you some antibiotics if it shows positive. Very quick and easy to get sorted.

Hobbes2019 Sun 15-Dec-19 12:57:29

@seeline @stillstandingatthebusstop on my update I meant to put I thini I may have a wound that may have bled while I peed but not entirely sure. Thanks for your advice, I’ll go to the doctors tomorrow. I didn’t think it to be UTI cos it doesn’t hurt to pee anymore etc but I guess I should check it out x thanks

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