Another piles question

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BG2015 Sun 15-Dec-19 09:32:13

I'm 50 and for the first time in my life I'm suffering from piles.
I've been using Annusol cream which has shrunk them (I had quite a large protruding one).

However I'm still feeling a lot of discomfort/itchiness - it's torture and affecting my sleep. Could I still have internal ones? I'm thinking of heading to Boots for some Annusol suppositories. Will these work.

For such bloomin little things they cause a lot of discomfort

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itchybitzy Mon 16-Dec-19 08:16:38

I've found the suppositories help far more than the external cream. Also, germaloids cream/ointment is better than Anusol which I found didn't really provide any soothing relief at all.

But, honestly the BEST thing for me was Sheriproct ointment (there are also suppositories for these too). It has a mild steroid in there, along with a good painkiller and it works so quickly. Available on prescription, but if you're too embarrased to go to GP (although I doubt they'd do a check, based on past experience they prescribe based on explanation of symptoms alone!) you can get an immediate prescription for it by using PushDoctor app (video chat with a GP and they send the prescription to nearby pharmacy for you to collect within the hour) or an online prescribing pharmacy (just fill in a questionnaire and they prescribe and post it to you)

BG2015 Mon 16-Dec-19 16:41:34

Thanks. I bought some yesterday and used one last night. Can't say it's made much difference so far but only used one. I'm going to struggle getting in to the doctors this week, otherwise I'd just go (after 2 children and a hysterectomy I don't tend to get embarrassed anymore)

I have a pre- payment prescription card, can the online pharmacies accommodate that or not?

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itchybitzy Mon 16-Dec-19 17:15:54

No idea re: the pre-payment card as I've not heard of this before. Perhaps worth a google.

I'd also suggest asking local GP for a telephone appointment. Mine has prescribed piles meds over the phone for me before after describing my symptoms etc. to him. Could be worth a shot, and easier than dragging two children along!

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