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Anyone elses baby had nasty tummy bug?

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twoshakes Thu 23-Aug-07 22:34:53

Is there anything doing the rounds? Getting a bit concerned as although she's not being sick loads our 15mth old is on day 5 of not being able to keep very much down. First day she was sick once, second day - three times, third was sick free, yesterday sick three times and today just once). She's also got the runs. She is drinking water, a bit of milk and eating a bit of toast etc.
Taking her back to the docs tomorrow but just have no experience of how long these things can go on for and if it's ok for her to keep on being sick for this long.

SlightlyMadStar Thu 23-Aug-07 22:38:38

DD had something similar at 5-6m. Hers lasted about 10-12d, although that was quite a nasty case.

It doesn't matter if she doesn't eat for a couple of days - fluids are much more important.

The only thing the GP is likely to be concerned with is dehydration. So keep an eye on getting fluids in - and make she she is still having wet nappies.

haychee Thu 23-Aug-07 22:48:53

5 days is quite concerning. Bless her, does she have a temperature? And what did dr say on your first visit? Is she sick in the night or is it maybe meal time or activity related?

No babies here, DD1 is 6, DD2 is 4 but both of them have had a sickness this week - which is quite rare for them. Now daddy has it, and im waiting for my turn
It started with dd1 who started complining of feeling sick around lunchtime, by 6pm she finally was sick. She had a bit of a temperature on and off and was right as rain by the morning.
DD2 however was far more ill 3days later. Bless her she was in a right pickle during the night. She continued to be sick all night, and was amazingly right as rain the next day.
Daddy says he was sick this morning (but am doubtful just how afflicted he is with his bout, given the fact he was drinking last night cos of the footy). He does look quite pastey and appears to be suffering more at the other end .

twoshakes Fri 24-Aug-07 08:02:00

No she's not got a temp and the doc just said that it will clear up, make sure she drinks etc. But he also said that 7 days of vomiting is of concern, so I thought I should go back today seeing as we're not far away. It seems to be food related - she can keep toast down but I gave her a bit of weetabix for tea yesterday and potato the night before both of which came back up.

She had her MMR two weeks ago, not sure if this might be making the bug worse somehow.

fizzbuzz Fri 24-Aug-07 09:05:11

Dd had this at 10 months old, then gave it to me.

It was worse stomach bug I have ever had, I couldn't eat anything, and lost 10lbs

Hydration is the important thing, wet nappies and lots of sips (not big drinks as this may make her sick again)or water.

When dd started to improve, she ate me out of house and home! Gp said the only thing they are concerned about is becming dehydrateed, although dd lost a lot of weight, she soon made up for it. I was back and forward to GP, but she just got beter on her own.

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