Bad reaction to flu/pneumonia jab

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ToLiveInPeace Fri 13-Dec-19 21:43:43

I've never reacted much to vaccines before, except for a sore arm. I had both jabs on my right arm yesterday afternoon and by late evening, I was shivering violently and nauseous, with bad pain down to my fingers and up/down to my hips. After a rough night, I felt ok to go to work today if I kept painkillers topped up.

By now, 30 hours after the jabs, I feel really awful again and there's a hard, visible lump on my arm. Is this fairly normal/do I just need to wait this out?

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madeyemoodysmum Fri 13-Dec-19 21:46:28

You should have been given a sheet with contra indications on it. I’m sure it’s within the normal range but have a read to reassure yourself.

ToLiveInPeace Fri 13-Dec-19 21:47:39

Thw sheets list symptoms but not severity. Not sure if I'm just being a wuss...

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TheLightSideOfTheMoon Fri 13-Dec-19 21:49:53

I had the 'flu jab about a month ago and it hit me like a mallet.

Spent several weeks with what I thought was an average cold and felt incredibly weak and crappy.

Today been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Had to call in sick to wotk for tomorrow snd Sunday which I hate doing and loses me about £250 in wages.

Proper pissed off. I only did it because I work with vulnerable adults and wanted to protect them but have left them short staffed for 26 hours over the weekend instead.

Everything aches. Even my fingertips.

Never again.

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