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Lump in scalp for decades

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MummaPI Thu 12-Dec-19 18:55:56

Think my anxiety is high at the mo, hence the post. Just wondered if this is normal?
Banged my head as a child and had a bump on my head since. Some days it feels bigger although I'm pretty sure it's not. Just one of those things and I cant be the only person with a perfectly round head! 😁

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MummaPI Thu 12-Dec-19 19:02:38

Ignore this, just realised what a ridiculous post it is. I obviously have a funny shaped head!! Have done for ages. 🙄

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SallyOMalley Thu 12-Dec-19 19:08:02

I've got one too! Fell down a river bank after a few sherbets about 15 years ago. I've got a little patch about the size of a penny where hair doesn't grow - sometimes it feels bigger some days than others. Can't see how though!

MummaPI Thu 12-Dec-19 20:43:11

Thanks Sally!
Glad to know I'm not that weird!!

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YouRemindMeOfTheBabelfish Thu 12-Dec-19 20:48:42

I'm currently suppressing a growing upset with a few different small, tiny really, lumps under my skin which I know have in some cases been there since I was a kid but they bugged me then they seriously bug me now. I'm quite a confident and happy self-sporning type, but I can't always reach and others don't always see them if I try and point them out. They're definitely felt though.

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