Coil issue after loop biopsy years ago!

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Mc2017 Thu 12-Dec-19 17:39:45

Hi everyone

So today I tried to get the copper coil in, I have previously tried before however the nurse couldn’t get it in, didn’t explain why however I was referred to the nurse who does them all the time today! She used anaesthetic cream down there didn’t feel anything however she said she was unable to go any further in my cervix as it was too small to get through. Years ago I had a CIN3 in my smear test which resulted in laser and loop biopsy I think it was. She said she could see the scar tissue and it was covering the entrance to put the coil. ( can’t remember the technical terms but this is how I heard it ) as soon as she said this I asked about problems getting pregnant in the future, she said it doesn’t affect fertility however can affect early pregnancy etc as the tissue won’t hold. I’m a bit concerned that when it does come to wanting a baby will my chances be lower due to having this biopsy and the tissue causing the sperm not to flow? I can’t find any one else that’s had the same problem so any help I would appreciate thank you x

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PastTippingPoint Thu 12-Dec-19 20:33:18

I had loop diathermy for CIN3 about 2 years prior to TTC. It took us 6 months to fall pregnant (seeing how things went with regular unprotected sex rather than temping and charting etc). I had a smear the same time as having my Mirena fitted so don't have any experience of scarring affecting that side of it.

I know that sometimes you get referred to a consultant in pregnancy if you've had procedures like ours and they may do extra scans to monitor cervical length. I wasn't referred, I'm guessing because they didn't remove much tissue during the loop diathermy? I gave birth at T+6 with no real problems.

Are they referring you to a gynaecologist for your coil fitting?

megletthesecond Thu 12-Dec-19 20:38:18

I had a scarred cervix following LLETZ treatment.
I could get pregnant but had to have caesareans as my cervix wouldn't dilate. My consultant said I could have jumped on a trampoline and they wouldn't have come out 🤷‍♀️. No chance of getting a coil in either.

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