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IveGotAlpen Thu 12-Dec-19 11:47:09

Since the birth of my son via c-section two years ago I have been having severe pain on and off. The pain feels like it is located inside my hip but radiates around the whole womb area if that makes sense.

I keep going back and fourth to the doctors and not getting any answers. I've had three scans. One to see if it was my bladder, one to look at my ovaries and one to check I don't have a hernia. It's none of the above , aside from finding my ovary is slightly polysistic but this has cleared up apparently in between scans.

I lost 4 stone in weight and the pain subsided for a while and it has now come back. It is so bad I find it hard to walk and the pain radiates into my back and down my legs.

My other symptoms are - really heavy periods that last a week , the pain can spread to my bum and hurt to sit down, I get really bloated , I need to urinate urgently and frequently ( same with going for number two) , I have been trying to conceive my second child for over a year and no luck. Having sex is uncomfortable. I always feel run down ( fatigue, painful muscles and joints, hair loss, mouth ulcers)

I went to the doctors last week and I have to do some blood tests and a stool sample as she wonders weather it's actually coeliac or similar? If not I will be referred to gynae. I'm terrified it's going to be something bad ...there's a history of cancer in my family and some of my symptoms match ( I have bad anxiety)

This is making my life a misery for two years being in constant pain and no one can give me answers. Please can anybody help and share any experiences if you have made it this far reading my post!

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IveGotAlpen Sun 22-Dec-19 12:14:05


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