Any physics/orthos? What is this knee pain?

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anywinewilldonow Thu 12-Dec-19 11:30:24

My DD(17)'s knee swelled 24 hours after a gymnastics event. She didn't remember injuring it. This was 2 months ago. Ever since then, she can't fully bend the knee, so she can't sit back on her heels etc without pain (she says the pain is "inside").

No pain at any other times, and can still play sport if doesn't involve deep knee bends. She says it is stiff sometimes bending it if her legs have been out straight for a while.

Any ideas?

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Sw05 Thu 12-Dec-19 17:16:36

It could be a miniscal tear. Go to the go and get a referral to an ortho surgeon at your local hospital

Bunnybaubles Sun 15-Dec-19 23:19:00

Sounds exactly like a meniscus tear to me too. I tore mine January last year and it still hasn't recovered. I still can't fully bend my knee, or fully straighten it and it really hurts when I'm in bed sleeping.

I'm having physio just now, physiotherapist said it's just a tick box before she can refer me to the knee clinic for surgery. Not all tears need to be treated with surgery tho.

My brother tore his twice. He had surgery the first time (after a year of it not healing). 2nd one still hasnt healed, I think its been over a year now.

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