Best decongestant

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Thedevilofsmallthings Wed 11-Dec-19 14:13:59

So, yet another cold and yet again I have a blocked nose. I'm currently sitting here with a nasal strip on-not working, I've used a saline spray-did nothing and am keeping away from Sudafed nasal spray. Sudafed works brilliantly but it's additive and you're not supposed to use it for days on end.

Is there anything else out there that works AND can be used for more than a week on the trot?

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Seaweed42 Wed 11-Dec-19 15:40:18

You can get Sudafed tablets at the pharmacy. They don't cause the same rebound effect as the Sudafed spray.

Thedevilofsmallthings Wed 11-Dec-19 18:09:24

Thank you for replying, I'll try those. My nose feels as if it's 10 times bigger than it is.

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