Ache in left leg

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slhb Wed 11-Dec-19 01:54:57

Hi guys, I've had this dull ache in my bottom left leg, going into my foot for hours now, it sort of feels like it's slightly numb but it's not when I touch it, it feels like I've had my leg raised and the blood can't circulate properly, I'm not in pain and there's no redness or swelling. I'm a 22 year old female: any advice would be great, thanks!

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Mojitomogul Wed 11-Dec-19 02:31:52

I had this last week almost exactly the same symptoms! I had been on a long flight so I was worried about a blood clot- so I got checked out but it turned out to be muscle strain (even though I'd done nothing apart from sit down and some walking). I did feel better having been checked out, I didnt manage to get a doctors appointment but I popped into the urgent care centre and was seen in 20 minutes as it was really quiet so I would defo advise to be checked - just to rule out a blood clot - especially if you are on the pill aswell.

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