Headache when I see violence

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PennyGold Tue 10-Dec-19 18:36:27

Thanks for the responses I appreciate it. I don't think so @AnchorDownDeepBreath because I can breath absolutely fine.
That's what I tend to do @Swirlygirl but I'm more clumsy than usual when it happens (another 'symptom' I guess).
It's just really strange, hoping someone has seen it before/ knows if there's a 'fix' for it.

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Swirlygirl Tue 10-Dec-19 18:16:05

I’d say it was an extreme stress response. Not sure medically what you can do apart from leave the scene immediately

AnchorDownDeepBreath Tue 10-Dec-19 18:15:24

Is it a form of panic attack, do you think?

PennyGold Tue 10-Dec-19 18:14:40

Hello! I'm hoping to get a response, I'd go to the doctor but I don't want to waste time when I'm not actually unwell.

Whenever I see violence e.g. a fight or a scuffle as someone is arrested etc i get a really sharp headache that lasts until the 'violence' is over. I can still see, hear fine but I struggle to speak and i get all clammy.
Has anyone had this or know how I can prevent it? It's quite hard to try and manage as i barely ever witness anything violent.

I'd appreciate any insights. Thanks.

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