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(when) should I dig out the Calpol?

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Spink Thu 23-Aug-07 12:15:03

ds is 6 months and has his first cold. Very sniffly and coughy. He's taking his milk (bf) ok, but refusing solids (started weaning last week). Has a temp of 37.5 deg C.
Just wondering if i should be giving him Calpol/if there is anything else I can do to help him feel better? I'm not partic worried as I know he's just a little poorly, just want to check if there is something I could be doing for him..

HenriettaHippo Thu 23-Aug-07 12:19:43

Offer him water as well as milk. Might be worth putting a drop or 2 of Baby Olbas oil on a bib and tying it to his cot, to help clear his nose. I use Medised as well, rather than calpol, esp at bed time to "aid restful sleep" - it has paracetamol and a decongestant to help breathing clearly. Otherwise if he's not distressed, he'll just get better on his own (and then you'll get it!!)

Refusing solids perfectly normal with a heavy cold. Poor thing.

I often find a cold accompanies a tooth...

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