Ha d hold please I'm feeling so anxious Chest infection / health anxiety

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girlofthenorth Tue 10-Dec-19 02:09:28

On my second lot of ABs for Chest infection, as continued to be a little short of breath with crackles with a temperature after Amoxil. Now taking Clarithromycin .

My health anxiety, which is pretty bad, feels out of control ! I'm scared of the chest infection not going or getting worse ( awful memories of my mum having a chest infection going into hospital when I was a child. She was later diagnosed with leukaemia ) also scared of taking Clarithromycin due to the long list of side effects .
Have taken one dose .

I just can't get a grip, I'm panicking and can't sleep, am so scared . My DH is fed up with me being so anxious . Please can someone help me calm down?
I know I have such issues with my mum , but I just can't seem calm down !

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welliesarefuntowear Tue 10-Dec-19 03:09:31

I'm awake, just. Try and get some rest. Take the antibiotics. It's the only way you'll get better. There are some miserable, awful infections doing the rounds. Ring the GP in the morning if you're at all concerned that you're not improving.

You will start to feel better but anxiety is a hard place to be when you're ill and exhausted.

Oldmum55 Tue 10-Dec-19 09:25:17

I know what you mean I've had health anxiety all my life and like you, I'm even worried about taking medication because I read up all the possible side effects. But just try to relax, take the tablets as prescribed, if you did develop what seems like side effects have a word with the doctor. Your experience with your mum is bound to have had lasting memories. flowers

bobstersmum Tue 10-Dec-19 09:54:14

Hello I can totally relate to this. I had exactly this in march this year. I had amoxicillin, then Co amoxiclav, then finally clarithomycin and chest xray and bloods done. The clarithomycin zapped it but also gave me a racing heart and I couldn't sleep. I feel odd while taking it but it worked. Definitely take it op, I have never felt more ill than I did with that chest infection. I hope you get well soon!

girlofthenorth Tue 10-Dec-19 10:58:46

Thank you so much for your replies it really means a lot.Bobstersmum three lots ! were the tests you had ok ? How long did it take you to get over it ?

I have taken a couple of doses of the new antibiotic. So far can't sleep and absolutely ravenous. I've arranged a phone conversation with the GP tomorrow to talk about bloods and possible chest x-ray. I think I'll be frank I'm just tell him about my mum and my fears. Plus the feeling of breathlessness is very frightening isn't it?
The nurse practitioner I saw yesterday didn't want to do a chest X-ray just yet .

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girlofthenorth Tue 10-Dec-19 11:00:33

Thankyou Wellies .
Oldmum55* how do you manage your health anxiety when it comes ?

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Oldmum55 Tue 10-Dec-19 11:35:58

Girlofthenorth I don't really so for a couple of days I'm in a state till I calm down and talk myself out of it. Perhaps a bit better now I'm older but still there. Like you if I was given tranquillisers or antidepressants I would worry about the side effects straight away. So there would only be counselling for me hoping that it would make a difference.


BelfastSmile Tue 10-Dec-19 11:59:29

I had a chest infection back in September, and it's really scary. I had a course of Amoxicillin, which improved things but didn't cure it, and then got a course of Clarithromycin (?) which shifted it. It did take about 2 days before my breathing improved noticeably, though.

That cleared it up and I've been fine since. Had no side effects except that it made everything taste funny for a few days.

Stick with the tablets, get as much rest as you can, and you should be over the worst of it by tomorrow.

bobstersmum Tue 10-Dec-19 12:38:13

The reason they sent me for chest xray was because after 2 weeks and 2 courses of antibiotics my chest was still clogged up, I had the crackle and my oxygen levels were very low. Blood tests were fine apart from still showing infection and chest xray confirmed it. I was just totally floored I really felt like I could just die I've never been that ill. The clarithomycin started working after couple of days and it took me a few more weeks to feel properly better, but on the clarithomycin I knew I was going to be OK, I was able to take less pain relief as the week went on as my temp wasn't as high. Get yourself some Metatone and start taking it today op, it really helps to get you back to normal.

bobstersmum Tue 10-Dec-19 12:43:47

And another thing you may or may not want to try for your anxiety is something you can get from Holland and Barrett, it's called Argent Nit. I bought some a few months back and take a couple every time my anxiety rears its head, and it has really worked! I'm aware it could be placebo effect but I am under control for the first time in years. Also they can help settle a jittery stomach.

girlofthenorth Tue 10-Dec-19 13:51:55

Il try those bobster .
I think one reason I'm so worried about clarithromicin is it can cause hepatic abnormality. I already take a drug which can cause liver probs which freaks me out. Also making me worried about taking even paracetamol!
If I speak to the GP tomorrow hopefully he can reassure me about that .

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supermariio Tue 10-Dec-19 14:15:21

I've been in your shoes so many times with different illnesses, not daring to take tablets due to side effects but I had too and I'm still here. I always remember having pneumonia 10 years ago and being admitted. The amount of drugs I had then was completely out of my hands and yes I'm still here.

I do sympathise with you as my husband and all my family are sick of me panicking.

We are here for you and your not alone thanks

Oldmum55 Tue 10-Dec-19 15:00:40

Bobster I'll buy some Argent Nit worth a try thanks!

bobstersmum Tue 10-Dec-19 18:42:12

@Oldmum55 I hope they help like they have for me! You might need to ask for them they are in the tiniest little pot, with over a hundred tablets in!

girlofthenorth Tue 10-Dec-19 21:57:40

Felt much worse this afternoon with really high temp so went back to the doctor and having bloods and chest x-ray tomorrow morning results by Thursday. Praying that the ABs kick in otherwise think it's the hospital sad((
Trying to just talk to myself and say this is part of the illness. The GP was absolutely lovely.

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girlofthenorth Tue 10-Dec-19 21:58:48

Thanks supermariio helps get things in perspective

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boogiebogie Tue 10-Dec-19 22:29:39

If you consider argen nit then consider seeing a professional homeopath. I haven't had abx for over 20 years and my daughter is nearly 8 never had abx and only paracetamol twice as we uae natural healing and homeopathy. Arent nit is one remedy... Ther are 100's and it is important to get your symptom picture right. Also can you refer yourself for time to talk? You can do it online yourself. I understand ypur anxiety as we have lots of cancer in our family and it creeps up for me... Homeopathy helps my mental state loads.

girlofthenorth Wed 11-Dec-19 01:20:49

Boogiebogie Will it help me sleep ? Just can't sleep ! Is it ok to use with other meds ?

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SexlessBoulderBelly Wed 11-Dec-19 01:33:24

Morning OP. I sympathise with your health anxiety. I suffer too! (Currently awake over thinking the c section I have to have in about 17 days)

I suffered so bad with panic attacks, they started when worrying about health, and because that was so often they then became random and was really affecting my life.

Do you take anything for your anxiety? I have CBT and i honestly couldn’t fault it. I’m one of those people that didn’t believe just sitting down and talking to someone could make a difference, but I was sorely mistaken and now understand exactly why our bodies send these panic signals and how to control it with breathing exercises.

I read a book a couple of year ago called something like “my anxious mind” and it had a lot of quotes from other anxiety suffers explaining how they feel, and it was helpful in the send sod knowing that I’m not alone in feeling so anxious.

As for the chest infection they aren’t nice at all, but sip plenty of water, take your antibiotics as instructed, despite the scary pamphlet! When you start antibiotics it’s always best to finish the course, if you don’t finish the course the bacteria they are killing will still remain in your system and the infection can come back stronger, that’s one of the reasons antibiotics resistance is on the rise.

I hope you feel fine and dandy soon!

girlofthenorth Wed 11-Dec-19 11:01:47

Does anyone know how long the temperature is likely to last ? Does it go when the antibiotics are working ? Or does it hang around ? Thankyou everyone

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bobstersmum Wed 11-Dec-19 14:06:14

Mine started to fade after I'd been taking the clarithomycin for two days. It stayed at the higher end of normal for about a week then went back to normal. You definitely need to give it a good 48 hrs after starting them, how long has it been?

girlofthenorth Wed 11-Dec-19 17:12:18

Bobstermum thanks evening it will be 3 days . My chest X-ray came back clear which means they are probably working which did reassure me but waiting for blds to come back . I'm barely holding it together !
So temp could be up for a few days I guess ?

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girlofthenorth Wed 11-Dec-19 18:33:45

Thank you Sexless good advice

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Nogodsnomasters Wed 11-Dec-19 18:49:48

I completely understand how you feel op, I also suffer from health anxiety and the sight of a temperature or infection sends my brain into overdrive and I just can't prevent that from being my first reaction but what I can do is come back from that reaction with slow breathing, calming self talk, relaxing music on YouTube (no words, search meditation music) or chanting to myself or distraction with physically getting up and moving around the house doing any wee odd job I spot needing doing in each room. These things don't work instantly but they certainly take the edge off the sheer fucking panic that automatically hits me when there's an illness.

You are not alone in this, and you can definitely get through this. I refused your antibiotic in March and stuck with penicillin v because I couldn't allow myself the risk of the side effects, and I landed myself in hospital for the first time ever. Maybe if I'd have just taken the alternative antibiotic it wouldn't have happened, who knows. Mine wasn't a chest infection though, don't worry.

Do you read, have a bath tub? Have a notepad and pen to write? Try anything and there will be light at the end of the tunnel I promise xxx

bobstersmum Wed 11-Dec-19 19:28:02

Your chest xray being clear is brilliant news. What is your temp? And are you taking paracetamol or ibuprofen?

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