When to seek help for cough

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Coughfromhell Sun 08-Dec-19 21:15:06

Had a cough for what seems like ages. Good few weeks though. Night and morning is worse but having coughing fits throughout the day too.

On one side my ribs really hurt especially at the bottom. Is it from coughing so hard or something else? Don’t want to waste don’t time unnecessarily and I’m so busy I’d struggle to get to appointment.....

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lljkk Mon 09-Dec-19 06:12:44

Is it keeping you off work?
> 3 weeks, you should probably go get advice.

twolungs Tue 10-Dec-19 01:28:39

It could be a chest infection. Your GP would listen to your chest to see if it crackles, and if so antibiotics might be your friend.

FoamingAtTheUterus Tue 10-Dec-19 01:45:50

It can be a sign of heart problems.........after 3 weeks I'd definitely get checked out.

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