Denture/implant hell

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Marriedwife21 Sun 08-Dec-19 16:46:54

I'm after some help or other peoples experience please.
I'm 32 and when I was younger up until about 16/17 I wasnt bothered about taking care of my teeth, from being a late teenager I started brushing once twice a day and flossing on and off, when I got to 27 one of my lower canines and back molars appeared to feel a little loose so went to my local dentist and they confirmed they had to come out as they had greater than a grade 2 mobility, still unsure as why they sent me for xrays which showed up that every single tooth had over 1/2 shortage of the root that was supposed to be meaning that they would became loose easier, I was absolutely heart broken and embarrassed, fast forward
5 years and one day as I was putting my sons shoe on he accidentally kicked me in the face resulting in my left lower canine and front tooth to feel quite sore and tender, went back to the dentist to find out that the main front one has a infection now starting and literally no root there to support it and the canine had got grade 2 mobility so both to come out 😩😭 when I heard this I became a emotional wreck and felt ashamed and embarrassed, only thing my nhs dentist could offer was a partial denture up for 1 front tooth and a partial denture for down for 3 teeth, I feel like I have aged 50 years. I have gone through with the lower denture and the psychological effect this has had on me is crazy, i cry most days i have no motivation with anything and feel so withdrawn from my husband and son, i ended up going to a private dentist who is going to do a mary land bridge on top and the hopefully look at implants, I have been referred to a dental hospital due to see if they can help at all, I just feel that my life is over and feel so deflated by it, I would so like to hope implants were a option but if my roots are so short will there be much bone to make it a possibility? My husband says theres much worse things in life to worry about but at the moment I feel like I'm slowly becoming depressed over it all and this really isnt me, will it ever get better?

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Sleepingboy Sun 08-Dec-19 17:04:23

I don't have any dental advice but just wanted to say your experience would be my worst nightmare. I am scared stiff of losing teeth and have i two teeth I am desparatsly clinging on to even though they sometimes hurt. I think it's very natural to be very worried and upset and I would be the same. Try to be positive and make sure you get the best treatment you can.

Marriedwife21 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:00:06

@Sleepingboy thanks for replying, I'm trying to be positive and think theres so much worse news I could of heard but it's really hard.

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startingtoday Sun 08-Dec-19 20:12:36

I have had dentures since I was 14! I'm now 60 and no one ever knew . I used to be embarrassed but now I'm just pleased I can eat and smile! Honestly it will be fine

Marriedwife21 Sun 08-Dec-19 20:56:13

@startingtoday oh wow bless you 14 that is so young, I'm normally such a optimistic person but this has really taken a toll on me in ways I couldn't of imagine. Hopefully bit of time and I should start to feel better.

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