Migraines and why always recommended an eye test?

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boble1 Sun 08-Dec-19 15:21:01


If you start to suffer from migraines, why does everyone recommend getting an eye test?

Can anything be diagnosed from them?

Thank you

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Aquamarine1029 Sun 08-Dec-19 15:23:34

Making sure your vision is correct is the first step when treating migraines/headaches because strained vision can cause them.

boble1 Sun 08-Dec-19 15:29:49


Thank you.

Does having normal optic nerve etc mean it won't be anything sinister?

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Oldmum55 Sun 08-Dec-19 17:38:55

Boble1 that as well. I've always found eye tests reassuring as they could easily spot anything wrong by looking at the optic nerve, in which case you would be promptly referred.

boble1 Mon 09-Dec-19 12:45:43

Thank you

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