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Stye that popped (sorry, gross)

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withaheyandahoandaheyheyho Sun 08-Dec-19 09:38:59

Golden eye cream, I'll ask about that too

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withaheyandahoandaheyheyho Sun 08-Dec-19 09:38:07

Thanks both! I'll ask the chemist if they can sell me some saline solution. It's dead on my eyelid but put some sudocreme on the skin around it and it looks much better

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Asschercut Sun 08-Dec-19 08:39:14

I had one last weekend, see a pharmacist. Mine popped by itself and my head is still on! My pharmacist gave me golden eye cream as it had started to get infected and the gp was closed. Some broline would be good to start with.

DinoSn0re Sun 08-Dec-19 08:14:16

Is it too close to your eye to put a dab of sudocrem on? I stick that stuff on everything!

Aderyn19 Sun 08-Dec-19 08:11:31

I'd clean it with salt water if you can.
Fwiw, everyone would have popped it.
Ring the doctor on Monday and ask a pharmacist today of there's anything you can do. Try to touch it as little as possible.

withaheyandahoandaheyheyho Sun 08-Dec-19 07:53:10

Probably more one for the sporners but postng here for traffic... I have a stye and when I got up this morning it had a white head on it. I poked it (which I realise you're not meant to do) and it popped. According to the Internet the infection will now spread and my head will fall off. Any advice? I've been wiping it with clean warm compresses but scared of making things worse.

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